How to Detox Your Life of Negative People

Learning how to detox your life of negative people is no easy feat. First let’s define what a negative person is; one who dumps their problems on you and pulls you downward emotionally into a negative spiral in life. This could be emotionally or physically based, negative people come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. There are no limits to who could be defined as a negative person, even a family member could fall into this category. While it will be difficult to detox your life of negative people, you will most certainly feel much better in the long run when you work to rid your world of these energy suckers.

Identity the Negative People – this may be the most difficult part of the detox, because you must admit that people in your circle of friends or family are negative people. If the person is someone who constantly makes you feel less worthy, exhausted and places you in a negative mindset consistently, then it’s time to identify them as a negative person.

Let go of the Guilt – as stated earlier, it will be difficult to identify the negative people in your life and ultimately place yourself as a priority. These challenging decisions will leave you feeling a little bit guilty about detoxing your life of these negative people. Guilt will be a natural response to this process, learn to get go of the guilt so you can move forward in your own happiness.

Place Value Upon Yourself – remember that you are a valuable person who has self-worth and the freedom to live a happy life. Negative people will deter you from living life to the fullest and reaching your full potential on the happiness meter. Start placing value upon your needs and your mental health by putting yourself as a priority.

Tell the Negative People Goodbye – while you may detox your life of negative people in a brunt way, others prefer to be more subtle about it. Whatever method works well for your personality is the best way to go about telling these negative people goodbye. You don’t have to literally say goodbye to them, you can start to distance yourself until they fully disappear from your life and you are left with only positive people in your inner circle.

Negative people will slowly work to deteriorate your health and mental wellbeing. Let’s be very clear, negative people don’t always do these things on purpose, it’s simply who they are and how they are wired. While you may feel sympathy for these types of people, you must remember that you are a priority in your own life. By placing yourself first and detoxing your life of these negative people you are saying that you value your wellbeing over anyone else’s and that’s how it should be.

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