How to Cope With Spending the Holidays Alone

The holidays are a magical time filled with family traditions, twinkling lights, and matching Christmas pajamas. But that is not the case for everyone. 

As much as we love spending the holidays with our friends and loved ones, sometimes that’s just not possible. 

Some people don’t really have any family. Others can’t afford to travel right now. And others may not want to spend Christmas and New Year’s surrounded by family drama.

Whatever the case may be, plenty of people are celebrating solo. 

So whether it’s circumstantial or you’re alone by choice, there are lots of ways to celebrate by yourself and have a blast doing it! 

How to Cope With Spending the Holidays Alone

1. Fill Your Fridge with Indulgent Treats

Ice cream, eggnog, tiramisu, and pineapple rum cake – oh my! The holidays are a time to give, but why not bring that same level of care and thoughtfulness to yourself? Make your favorite childhood treat or pick up an indulgent dessert from a bakery. Just make sure to place your order a day in advance! 

2. Do Something Fun for You  

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But the holiday spirit isn’t always guaranteed! That’s why it’s important to plan a few festive activities to get in the holiday mood. This can mean decorating your own ginger house or DIYing an advent calendar. Going for a walk to check out all the lovely Christmas lights or staying inside all day and having an epic spa day. This is your time to take it slow and enjoy yourself! 

3. Change the Narrative and Make a Plan

There will be times when you’ll feel lonely and sad, and that’s okay. You don’t need to force yourself to have fun or “make the best of it” just because it’s the holidays. Instead, plan a few simple activities like binge-watching an entire season of Friends, baking cookies, or FaceTiming your parents. Having something fun to look forward to is half the fun! 

4. Create New Memories with Your Loved Ones

You might not be able to be with the ones you love, but you can still feel connected to them with a fun new tradition. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Play Christmas charades with your family on Skype and make a party out of it.
  • Have a night of Christmas trivia with your best friends online.
  • Write a story for the little ones in the family.
  • Make a digital collage for your loved ones and fill it up with memories, photos, projects, and inner jokes.
  • Throw a digital scavenger hunt. 

5. Give Back 

Not feeling your A-game this year? Celebrate by giving back! Go through your closet and look for winter clothes to donate, like jackets, throw blankets, towels, and sweaters, which are really helpful during the cold winter months. If you don’t want to leave the house, there are lots of virtual opportunities too: 

  • Pick a charity that resonates with you and make a donation, no matter how small.
  • Career Village connects volunteers with students who have questions about their career paths.
  • TED Translate is a global community of volunteers who translate TED Talks into different languages.
  • Be My Eyes is an app that connects volunteers with blind and low-vision people who need virtual assistance. Through video calls, volunteers can help someone navigate new surroundings, read instructions or expiration dates to them, and help them distinguish colors. 

In Conclusion: 

Whether you’re solo by choice or you dread being far away from your loved ones, it’s important to remember that the holidays are just another day. If you’re not feeling extra cheerful this year, don’t dwell on it! Allow yourself to celebrate however you want, but always remember to be kind to yourself. You deserve it. 

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