Where Health and Beauty Collide

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Health and beauty are too often seen as separate topics. How often do you see blogs and websites which separate them into two completely different categories, as if they had nothing to do with each other? In fact, we should see health and beauty as one and the same. After all, a healthy, happy person is always full of more beauty than someone who unhappily diets, plucks, and puts too much pressure on themselves to meet an unrealistic image of beauty. There are many ways you can take care of your health which will also have effects on how you appear to the world. Below are just a few examples of places where health and beauty collide, and where you can look after both without stress, pressure, or unhealthy practices.

Where Health and Beauty Collide


Skincare these days is very big business. The market is absolutely full of companies who all want to persuade you that their product will change your skin and your life, and they want you to buy as much of it as possible. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the choice on offer and worried that products might have long-term side effects on your health. However, skincare is less complicated than it may first appear. There are a few basic things you’ll want to do to look after the health of your skin, and its appearance will naturally improve as a result. Hydration is super important, and you want to look for natural factors such as hydrochloric acid, squalane, and glycerin.

Many companies promote lots of acids as a way of lessening blemishes – whilst some of these are effective, such as salicylic and glycolic acid, it’s super important to be gentle and choose only one of these, or you risk over-stressing your skin and only making things worse. Wearing sunscreen every day is the best thing you can do to protect your skin from sunburn and cancer, whilst reducing the risk of fine lines and wrinkles. In terms of elements to avoid – always check and discard products that have forms of alcohol in their ingredients, particularly parabens. These will tend to dry out your skin and counteract any good effects of the rest of the ingredients!

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Aside from skin, the next beauty areas we tend to focus on are our teeth, hair, and eyes – after all, these are what most people see when they first meet us, and we want to make a good impression. For your teeth, the best you can do is to brush them regularly with enamel-repairing toothpaste and keep an eye out for any changes or pains to get them seen to as soon as possible. Wisdom teeth removal costs can be expensive but it is absolutely worth it, as leaving wisdom teeth alone can cause pain, infections, and a wonky smile, which is the opposite of what you want.

Similarly, the best way to protect the beauty of your eyes and hair is by protecting their health. Don’t load your hair with ingredients, but keep it hydrated and conditioned with one or two key products. You can even make some DIY options at home so you know exactly what chemicals you are and aren’t putting onto your scalp. Keeping your eyes rested will keep them bright and sparkling, so avoid too much screen-time without breaks, and definitely get that mobile phone switched off well before you go to sleep!

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Now, the word ‘dieting’ often has very unhealthy connotations. We think of women starving themselves, eating nothing but peanuts, or some highly complicated and strange timetable that no one really understands. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You should think of your diet as a rounded, holistic part of your life that doesn’t succumb to fads and instant fixes but instead gives you healthy and wholesome habits to follow. A diet should take care of your health first, and let your beauty follow in its wake.

For example, we all know that eating a lot of fruit is ‘good for you’ and recommended by doctors across the country. Eating fruit and vegetables has become an essential part of many weight-loss diets. However, the vitamins in fruit also have a huge effect on improving the quality of your skin. The same is true of drinking large quantities of water; the health and beauty benefits are equal to each other!

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Health and beauty don’t just collide in one place, but pretty much everywhere. The best beauty tips you can follow are to take care of your health first and foremost, and let everything else fall into place from that.

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