Things to Keep You Occupied While In Self Isolation

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Since February and March, governments of different states in America and the world had put in place bans on movements and interaction. This means that people had to self-isolate to flatten the curve of the coronavirus infections. However, in recent weeks, different states have started lifting the bans. Still, most states have social distancing measures or are still on lockdown. For this and other reasons, some people are opting to keep self-isolating. If you happen to be one of these people, below are some things to keep you occupied during this time!

How to Keep You Occupied While In Social Isolation


Now would be the perfect time to try out workout apps because you have the time to spare. The good thing about workout apps is that they provide you with instructions, much like gym instructors and personal trainers would. Like physical workout facilities, workout apps will help you lose the weight that you may have gained during the lockdown; hence you don’t have to walk out of the house feeling insecure. With the extra time, you can try apps like the 30-day fitness challenges app and give the 30-day waist challenge a go, along with many other workouts and pieces of advice.  Download away!


With Disney + and Netflix at your disposal, you do not have to worry about feeling lonely or bored during self-isolation. There are countless movies and series that you can enjoy from the platforms. Unlike regular TV, you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by the news and other annoying programs. You can line up your favorite shows and movies and watch them back to back. This could also call for an excellent date night!

Netflix on Computer


The beauty cabinets and closets are some of the messiest places in the house. The reason why is because this area probably the most used of the house. During this period of self-isolation, you can take the time to organize your closets and makeup cabinets. While doing so, you can get rid of some items that you no longer find useful. In other words, you can create a keep, donate, and throw away pile!


Since you cannot visit your favorite restaurants for meals, you can also try cooking your favorite meals. Utilize cookbooks and recipes that you can find online in the process. Maybe you’ll stumble on something totally new and turn into a chef over the span of just a few weeks! Be sure when cooking to wash all produce thoroughly before eating.


This would also be the perfect time to partake in some light gardening. If you have some extra space in your yard, you can try planting some trees, flowers, or taking care of those that already exist in your compound. This would help because at the moment you cannot have a gardener over at your house.

Child Gardening

Doing the activities mentioned above will help keep you busy during self-isolation. They will also help you pass the time as opposed to staying bored and idle. Keeping active during self-isolation will also help your mental well-being, being somewhat productive is better than nothing at all!


Things to Keep You Occupied While In Self Isolation

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