Halloween Haunted House Terrarium

Here is a cool Halloween craft you can make using just a few supplies from your local Dollar Tree. This  Haunted House Terrarium is the perfect décor piece for the Halloween season, and is a cinch for even little hands to whip up. Take a look below at how to get started crafting your own. Halloween will be here before you know it!

Here is what you will need:

1 large mason jar with lid

Assorted craft moss

Small Halloween house

Black twigs or branches

Hot glue, glue gun

As mentioned, all of the items you need here can be found at your local Dollar Tree store, making this a craft that is as fun as it is frugal.


1. Begin by taking the black branches (we used the black branches that came with the Halloween floral bundle at Dollar Tree) and gluing them to the side of the jar. Just add a few dabs of hot glue and press the branch to the neck of the jar. Hold in place until secure. We used two but you can use as many as you wish.

2. Place some of the moss inside of the jar. Give it a good shake so it breaks apart and isn’t quite so bunched up.

3. Secure the small Halloween house to the lid of the jar. Just apply some glue generously and press. You can also place some moss around it if you wish.

4. Screw the lid onto the jar carefully. Give the jar a gentle shake so the moss distributes nicely.

Your Haunted House Terrarium is now complete. It is not only so fun, but it makes the perfect Halloween décor piece for just a few dollars. Gather your supplies and give it a try this Halloween season!

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