Almost Wordless Wednesday: Shopping With Your Toddler

It’s that time again. Another Almost Wordless Wednesday. I so wish that I could bring a totally Wordless Wednesday but I’m not cool like that. I love to talk and talking is good.

Today we are going to talk about going shopping with your toddler. You may remember we did a post called Within Eye Level It’s Mine. Well maybe I shouldn’t have written that because now mommy knows all about my little tricks. See it’s not good to have your mommy write for you. Note to self: Find a new writer. Note to invisible friend: Hope mommy doesn’t read blog after she gets fired. 

On the road on a 45 minute trip to the outlet

If you’re planning on taking a trip whether it be close by or far away I recommend taking something to entertain your toddler on that ride. There is nothing like facing the back of your seat not being able to see much if you’re in a rear facing car seat. I can’t wait for my seat to be turned forward. 

Watching Despicable Me 2 on iPad 

Make sure as usual that snacks are available as well. May we recommend also that you travel after your toddler has had a nap and is refreshed. Or if going on a long trip make sure your toddler gets a nap on the trip. Most toddlers tend to fall asleep anyway on car rides. There is nothing worse than a cranky tired toddler in a store. Mommy once took me into Victorias Secret which is so not my store one day when I was tired and I had a complete meltdown. Mommy has since learned her lesson. When I’m tired we go home.

Have a stroller, pack a snack or buy a snack

Make sure you have a stroller because if you’re going shopping your toddler is not going to be able to keep up with you. Sure we love to walk around at times but we also like to know that the stroller is near by when we get tired. And also a change of clothing is a great idea as well. Mommy decided to get me Dippin Dots as a snack and most of it ended up on my clothing as much as it did in my tummy. 

Keep an eye out on your toddler

Keep an eye on your toddler at all times. Yes we like to help but our method of helping sometimes isn’t always safe. Be sure that your toddler isn’t getting into something that may hurt him/her. You may also not want to pay for a very expensive item that your toddler breaks if the store has a ‘you break it you pay for it’ policy. 

Have a bit of fun while shopping

Take some time out to have fun. Don’t make it all about you. While shopping the Carters store had a family fun day so mommy decided that it would be a great idea for me to enjoy some time there as well and I did have fun. If none of the stores are doing anything cool like this then you might want to do something on your own. Take your toddler out the stroller and sit for a minute and just enjoy your time together. 

I know my readers have a few more tips for us so let us know what tips you use while shopping with your little one. We’d love to hear them. 

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