Getting Your Kids to Do Chores

Kids can be stubborn about chores. This can be frustrating for parents since they’re the ones that end up doing all of the extra housework. If you’re struggling to get your kids motivated to do their chores, these tips will help teach them to get the job done.

Make It a Habit

If your children aren’t used to doing chores, chances are you’ll have to continually remind your kids to get their jobs done. In order to get your kids to do their chores willingly, be sure to make it a habit. Simple chores should be done each day, and accountability is very important when first starting to do these chores. Chores should be done at the same time each day or week so that no one is surprised by the fact that it’s time to get some work done.

Use a Reward System

A reward system is a great way to motivate your children to get their chores done. In order for your kids to earn a reward, they need to do their jobs each day without being asked. They can then earn stickers or checks on a chore chart as they work their way to their reward goal. Rewards can definitely vary, including something simple and cheap like a free chore pass or an extra hour of TV.

Do Them Together

No one wants to stop playing or doing something fun in order to get a few chores done. To help encourage your children to do their chores willingly, schedule a chore time for the entire family. By doing all of your chores together, your kids won’t feel like they’re missing out on something. This should help reduce your children’s unwillingness to get their job done.

Don’t Make It Too Hard

If your kids feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their chores, then they’re more likely to try to avoid them. Instead, assign age-appropriate chores to your kids. If you have younger children, you can give them something simple to do like matching socks or wiping down door knobs. As your kids get older, you can assign more difficult chores like sweeping the floor or wiping countertops.

Although it will take some work and effort, it is possible to motivate your kids to get their chores done each day.

What are some strategies you use to get your kids to do their chores?

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