How To Get Your Kids Outdoors When It’s Cold – #SqueezablesSours

Fall is here, the leaves are changing and are mostly on the ground, and the weather is getting cooler. Getting kids outdoors when it’s cold outside can be a challenging feat for many parents. It seems during the warmer months a cold day won’t keep those kids inside, but when it comes to the Winter season and it’s like fighting tooth and nail to get them to go play outdoors. Kids are so unpredictable in how they will respond to the cold outdoors. As a parent, you want to make sure your kids get their daily activity regardless of the weather outdoors. Here are some tips to make sure your kids get outdoors when it’s cold with the help of MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables Sours, after all who doesn’t like a sweet, or in this case a sour (but not too sour) treat.

Enlist the Kids in an Outdoor Sport

There are many outdoor sports, you can get your kids into when the Winter season arrives. If you start younger you will have more success, but teenagers can still find a new joy of Winter sports. Think about what interests your kids and have them give a Winter sport a try. Don’t forget to have a few MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables Sours to give them an added boost in inspiration.

Create Outdoor Chore Lists

Most families have a chore list for kid’s setup; think about what chores each child can do outdoors in the cold season. If you reside in an area that snows, you may have the chore list for kids include shoveling, snow blowing, or picking up debris that has fallen on your lawn. Have a MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables Sours as part of their reward for doing their chore.

Make the Great Outdoors Enticing

Think about the incentives you can provide kids for getting outdoors and having at least half an hour of activity each day. Possibly try a system where the kids receive extra inside privileges if they meet your daily outdoor requirement for activity levels.

Purchase the Proper Clothing

There’s something about having the proper cold weather clothing that encourages kids to get outdoors when it’s cold. Take the kids shopping at a local thrift store to find the proper Winter clothing so they won’t even realize it’s cold outside during this season.

Entice Them With a Treat

Kids just love treats and knowing that they can have one when they’re playing is a great way to entice them to go outdoors. The NEW MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables Sours is one such treat. Available in sour cherry, sour lemon and sour raspberry flavors, they are perfect for kids on the go. (MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables are also available in Strawberry, Honey Cinnamon, and Unsweetened.) The twist off cap means that there will be no clean up and it’s conveniently mess free. Whether they’re on their way to basketball practice or even a quick trip to the park, the pouches are perfect and not too sour. Just ask Madison who just LOVES the sour lemon! They are GMO free with no high fructose corn syrup which makes me happy to give them to her.

Offer Treats to Warm Up

Be certain to stock up on warm treats for the cold season, such as hot chocolate and cookies. Let the kids know that after they are done being outside having fun, they get to come inside and enjoy a nice hot chocolate. This is a sweet reward for kids who may otherwise not wish to go outside when it’s cold.

There are many ways you can work around getting your kids outside when it’s cold. For one, you must remember that you are the parent. A parent is the person in charge who sets down the rules of the home and can simply just demand that the kids get outdoors. Finding ways to get kids outdoors when it’s cold outside is a mere matter of working in a creative way that feels comfortable for your family. Kids won’t always jump at the idea of venturing outside when the snow is falling down, but you can work to entice them to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful season.

Make sure you discuss what methods you will use to get the kids outdoors when it’s cold outside with your partner. Remain consistent and stand firm with the rules and expectations you have as a parent. The first couple of weeks may be challenging, but your kids will soon hop on board to realize their parents are serious and outdoor play is important regardless of the season, and don’t forget your MUSSELMAN’S Squeezables Sours, available in the apple sauce aisle at many local grocery stores.

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