My 3 Favorite Cupcakes – House of Sillage Fragrances

This post is a little bit different from my usual Fragrance of the Month posts. You’re probably wondering, what do cupcakes have to do with fragrances? Have no fear I’m going to tell you! If you’ve never heard of House of Sillage then you’re in for a sweet treat. First, let me issue a disclosure that this post is in no way sponsored. Just as with all the fragrances that I share with you, I purchased them all.

Favorite House of Sillage Fragrances

The niche fragrance house, House of Sillage, is an American perfume house founded in 2011 by Nicole Mather. They’re famous for their whimsical “cupcake” bottles that omes adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals and their high-quality scents. Their limited edition bottles feature unique designs that could be classified as couture jewelry. The price point is definitely up there, especially for the limited edition bottles which start at $1200, but you’re certainly getting a work of art.

If you’re being frugal, you can get the same signature fragrance without the limited edition cap and save yourself some money. But be warned, you truly do get what you pay for. The scents are very long-lasting and the projection on these is huge, I would caution you to not overspray.

I am lucky enough to own a few bottles of these cupcakes, including 2 that are limited editions, and while they’re all amazing, I want to share with you my favorite 3. The ones I own are: Chevaux d’Or, Benevolence, Nouez Moi, Holiday, Cherry Garden, Emerald Reign, Whispers of Enlightenment, Whispers of Innocence, Whispers of Truth, Whispers of Truth Noir (one of their newest fragrances), Passion de L’Amour (limited edition) and Hauts Bijoux (limited edition). I did, however, pick up Mickey Mouse for Madison for her birthday in January and she loves it.

While they all smell amazing, there are three that definitely stand out. Three that I gravitate towards are the ones I’d absolutely repurchase once they’re done. So which three are my favorites and the ones that I would absolutely recommend?

Favorite House of Sillage Fragrances


Benevolence symbolizes the sacred essence of comfort and tenderness with Tunisian almond oil and Madagascar vanilla, blended with fresh and floral notes of orange blossoms. Adorned with bright, golden angels, this fragrance brings about the promise of security, hope and endless compassion. 

House of Sillage

This is hands-down my favorite! If you don’t know, I love anything that has a sweet gourmand smell. Anything that contains vanilla makes its way into my fragrance collection. While Benevolence is sweet, it’s not sugary sweet. I like to call it my orange-vanilla fragrance as you can smell a hint of citrus blended with vanilla. It dries down perfectly and the projection and sillage are amazing!

House of Sillage Benevolence

Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden evokes a sense of playfulness and curiosity through sweet traces of almond, vanilla and Sicilian bergamot oil. This fragrance transports the senses to a heavenly, glowing field of aromatic cherry blossoms, where floating butterflies and gentle rays of sun envelop the tantalizing and saccharine scent of the warm breeze.

House of Sillage

Cherry Garden comes in a very close second. This is more a floral fruity fragrance but much softer than Benevolence and I would consider this my date night fragrance, although it can be worn during the day as well. However, at night it just seems to take on a life of its own in the cooler weather. At first spritz, you may think of it as a gourmand, but once it dries down you get more of that delightful jasmine scent. I like to think of Cherry Garden as that one scent that you use to bring in the Spring months.

House of Sillage Cherry Garden

Hauts Bijoux 

Inspired by the splendor of the magnificent sea turtle, this sweet and tropical fragrance sparkles with succulent notes of grapefruit and mango, paired with the enchantments of the rare Karo Karounde blossom. This charming and delightful fragrance is a luminous expression of abundant beauty and sweet fortune, and presents a decadent composition of fruity and floral scents as the most dazzling gem in the ocean. 

House of Sillage

While I own this in the Hauts Bijoux Limited Edition bottle, you get the same juice from the Hauts Bijoux Signature fragrance as well. Hauts Bijoux is a fruity tropical wonder. Think about laying in the Caribbean on the beach somewhere under the coconut trees eating a mango. While there’s no coconut in there, there is mango which is reminiscent of the islands. While you can certainly smell the tropics in there, it’s also a bit powdery so you’re not truly smelling like a piña colada. This is just simply a gorgeous scent and one you should take on your next vacation or cruise to the Caribbean.

House of Sillage Hauts Bijoux

It was really difficult narrowing down my favorite three as Mickey Mouse (which belongs to Madison) would have been number one if it belonged to me as it’s hands down one that I would recommend in a heartbeat. It has everything that I want in a fragrance, including vanilla, and the bottle is simply divine. It’s a limited edition fragrance, but not as expensive as the other limited edition bottles, but if you’re a Disney fan, I’d say grab it before it’s gone.

House of Sillage Mickey Mouse Fragrance

Now, I have a fun surprise for you. With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to treat my readers so I’m giving away a brand new bottle of Holiday (obviously not the one I own) to one lucky Instagram follower. All you have to do is follow me on Instagram, and tag 3 of your friends in a separate comment making it easy for me to see them under my house of sillage IG post. A winner will be randomly selected.

Blissful holiday magic emanates from this year-round citrus fragrance that brings a clean and lively feeling. An orchestra of Egyptian jasmine and Haitian vetiver, paired with choral notes of Virginian cedar oil, encapsulates the magnificent emotions of excitement and joy. This dazzling fragrance sparkles with refreshing notes of peach, rose and mandarin to invigorate your senses. 

House of Sillage
House of Sillage Holiday

I think you’ll love Holiday as much as I do! Good luck!

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