Clive Christian Cosmos Flower

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March fragrance of the month is none other than Clive Christian’s Cosmos Flower from the Noble VII Collection.

While I try and share my fragrance of the month posts by the 5th of every month, this month has been a whirlwind of activities. From mini staycations to a week-long mini-vacay in Orlando, and now Spring Break. Luckily for you, a conversation with my daughter reminded me that I hadn’t written my fragrance of the month post, as she was searching for a new fragrance herself.

I knew exactly what it would be as I had already taken photos but just hadn’t gotten around to actually writing the post. As I mentioned in the past, I’m all about niche fragrances, but I plan to update my top designer fragrances list, as there are new fragrances that have since been released that deserve honorable mentions. Designer fragrances are much more affordable, and while I’ve gotten into niche fragrances, there are quite a few designer fragrances that I keep on hand for daily wear.

But let’s talk about Cosmos Flower and the Clive Christian brand.

Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house with a vision to create the world’s finest perfumes. The brand’s predecessor, the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles. An image that defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day.

Clive Christian

Cosmos Flower by Clive Christian is a fruity gourmand fragrance for women launched in 2016. The Noble VII collection was created in homage to Queen Anne and combines the scent of rich and exotic flowers that the nobility of that time craved.

When you think gourmand, you generally think of vanilla, caramel, etc., but this is more of a fruity gourmand. Cosmos Flower is a boozy fragrance with a hint of cocoa. You can smell a bit of citrus in the opening, but it dries down to a sweet cocoa, tonka bean-y smell that is heavenly. This is truly unique and while I think it’s similar to YSL Black Opium and even Narciso Rodriguez Narciso, it’s still unique enough to justify buying it.

I’m a big fan of gourmand fragrances, they are my love, and I try and grab any and every fragrance that smells like vanilla. It’s just what I love. While this is far from what I’m used to, however, the scent is absolutely divine. This is a more mature fragrance, one that you would wear on special occasions, and I would hesitate to spray too much as you can thoroughly smell it for days on your clothing, though not quite your skin. It could be overwhelming if you were to overspray.

At a $550 price point, you’re getting quality over quantity as this is only available in a 50ml size but at a 25% parfum concentration. Longevity is amazing, but I found that I could not smell it after a few hours on myself, though the scent wafted around me, and I was told that you could still smell it long after I thought the scent had worn off, meaning that it has amazing sillage.

Clive Christian fragrances are truly unique fragrances with great longevity and sillage. Though they can be expensive to purchase, you’re getting a great fragrance that is worth the price point.

You can purchase the Clive Christian Cosmos Flower below or a few more affordable alternatives that smell very similar, and ones I think you’ll love.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you.
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