Ralph Lauren Romance

There’s nothing infinitely better than a timeless classic, and it’s doesn’t get any more classic than June’s Fragrance of the Month: Ralph Lauren Romance.

Ralph Lauren Romance is the perfume that is immediately restocked whenever it runs low, and one that I have been wearing for the past seventeen years. I like to say that it incenses the senses.

It was recommended to me by a Macy’s beauty consultant after the birth of my first son Kyle. Back then there wasn’t much money to splurge on beauty supplies, but I never could resist a lovely smelling bottle of perfume.

At the time, I didn’t have a high paying job, but what I did have was a daughter and a son to take care of. My friends and I, whenever we were heading out, would visit Macy’s Department Store as it wasn’t too far away, and spritz on our favorite perfume. Those were the good old days.

After making our rounds through the perfume department, one of the consultants stopped us and asked about giving Ralph Lauren Romance a try. I immediately said yes, and the rest is history. It was my first big major perfume purchase at the time, and it invokes so many memories whenever it’s worn.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling Ralph Lauren Romance, let me begin by saying, it’s genuinely a summer classic.

The notes are really crisp and make you think that you’re falling in love. Think of love in the summer, all fresh and new and very feminine. It’s one of my go-to florals with a very tiny hint of musk, and I receive countless compliments while wearing it.

Whether you’re single, dating or married, this scent will soon become one of your favored scent of choice. The aroma is very long lasting, and one spritz can make it throughout the day. It is sophisticated, sexy and very alluring and you honestly can’t go wrong with Ralph Lauren Romance.

Ralph Lauren has since added a few variations to the original, but nothing beats the classic!

Pick up your bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance at your favorite beauty counter.

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