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My son Mikael just recently turned 11 and as most of my regular readers know, he’s also autistic. He does however have a passion for learning and science. He has actually said that when he grows up he wants to be a scientist and I’m his biggest supporter. I believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to do and in his case it will also take a lot of work. He’s not like most kids so it’s going to take hard work and perseverance. Luckily for him Oregon Scientific has given him the head start that he needs thanks to their Smart Anatomy. We worked with Oregon Scientific last year where we highlighted their SmartGlobe Discovery. You can read our review. It is still one of our most used item in the house. Whenever he has a geography project he would ‘consult’ with his globe and it’s been a lifesaver since most of the things he wants to know, besides Google, I have no idea what he’s talking about. Smart Anatomy is for children ages 5+ but can be used with any child interested in learning about their bodies.

The Smart Anatomy from Oregon Scientific is a toy like no other. This educational and fun toy teaches kids about the human body’s complex systems with more than 600 sounds and information and has 150 touch points that is accessible with a talking wireless Smart Pen. Included with your new pal whose name is Alex, is a poster that your kids can reference to when playing to look up the names of the major body parts. Also included is a 16 page booklet which contains fun facts about the major body systems, nutrition and food categories.

Alex does come with boy or girl face stickers which you can use to personalize your new pal. We decided to stick with the way he is now since Mikael was going to be one using him. His body parts are all detachable and touching them with your Smart Pen triggers audio content which teaches about the part that is touched. There is both the front and the back and we enjoyed learning things we didn’t know about. For example when Mikael touched the small intestines, it described it and gave a fun fact such as, “the human intestines when unraveled can go all the way around a tennis court and a rat’s intestine is long enough to skip with?” Now that is one fact that I did not know.

There are also 5 game modes with 20 activities. Touch introduces you to the name of each organ, describes the name and functions of the organs and also gives healthy tips to maintain your body in great shape. It also give interesting facts about each organs.

System teaches the path food takes in our body when ingested, teaches how the respiratory system brings oxygen in the body while removing carbon dioxide. Teaches how blood circulates and transport nutrients to and from the cells in our body, to nourish it and fight against diseases. It also teaches about the 5 senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

Healthy Life you get to learn about the different types of nutrients and how each type of food could bring nutritious elements to our bodies. You also learn about the different food categories and how to categorize the food you’re eating. You learn what is a healthy and balanced diet and about the different ways to stay healthy.

Games is a lot of fun and with find, you have to find a certain number of locations in the body within a certain time limit. You are also asked questions and have to answer true or false by touching the ✓ or ✗ on the activity panel.  You also get to memorize a series of organs and then touch them in the sequence of the body. You also get to find body parts that stars with a certain letter, such as “find an organ that starts with the letter I”.

Mikael has been having a lot of fun. The great thing about Smart Anatomy is that the kids are having so much fun playing that they don’t realize that they’re actually learning. There is nothing better than fun while learning. He would run upstairs and randomly blurt out a new fact that he just learned and most of the time it’s something new for me too. This is certainly one gift that I recommend for the little scientist in your life this Christmas.

The Smart Anatomy is available online at Oregon Scientific for only $79.99. Right now you can save 10% by using the code SMARTGIFT.

Let’s discuss: What did you love about science when you were growing up? 

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