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I think I might have mentioned this before, but I absolutely hate shopping in stores. I’m not sure if it’s my anxiety but there’s something about crowds and me that don’t go well together. I however love to shop and do about 90% of my shopping online. When it comes to Madison’s clothing I have a few select stores that I would go to online. A few have already been highlighted here. When it comes to her shoes, I tend to generally stick with a few brands that are tried and true. While I do the designer shoes for special occasions, I still have her very first Marc Jacobs Mouse shoes she got as a baby, there are other brands that I consider must haves when you’re getting shoes for your little ones. I like shoes that are flexible and generally made of leather. I have found a store that has some of those very brands that we keep in our closet. Introducing Even the name speaks for itself. Shoes made and sold just for kids.

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Created by mom of two boys, Jodi Gallaer, offers top quality shoes for children from European designers.  One dollar from every pair of shoes purchased from is donated to the Elija Foundation, a not-for-profit serving the needs of parents, educators, professionals and caregivers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

This is what truly drew me to Just Shoes For Kids. As many of you also know, my 11 year old son Mikael is autistic so whenever there is a company that helps out the Autistic community, I’m right behind them. I truly love companies that give back. offers top quality shoes for children from a variety of top European designers (a few you may have noticed that we’ve reviewed such as) – Cienta, Mini Melissa, Old Soles, Pablosky, Igor and Caminos among others, with sizes ranging from infant (2.5) to big kid (7.5). Now while European sizes are a bit different from US sizes you can always Google a size chart to find the size you need. Now in the event that the shoe is either too big or too small, no need to worry, Just Shoes For Kids offer free shipping AND returns on all of their footwear. We received the Old Soles Sista Silva Flat shown above and we were extremely pleased with not just the quality of the footwear but also the style. It is versatile enough to go from casual wear to dress up in a heart beat. No need to buy 2 different shoes at all.

The Old Soles are made of premium leather and features a hook and loop closure for a secure fit. Also perfect for the little ones you love doing things themselves. You may have also noticed that I very rarely highlight Madison in shoes that need to be laced, so these are perfect! They also feature arch support which is something you find in more high end shoes. They are also padded and the cushioning in the footbed makes it perfect for running and jumping which is something most kids love to do. Forget about walking, its like it doesn’t exist. makes shopping so easy and all without having to leave the comfort of your home. This is perfect for parents like myself who hate going in stores. I can find all my favorite brands under one roof so to speak and I know that I’m going to love them when they arrive. By the way shipping is pretty fast and the prices are so amazing that they tend to sell out pretty fast so I would hurry. So if you’re looking for that one shoe that you haven’t been able to find, may I suggest checking out Just Shoes For Kids. Remember it’s only shoes for kids and you just might find what you’re looking for. We surely did!

 Let’s discuss: Have you found that perfect shoe for the holidays for your little one as yet? 

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