10 Exclusive Disneyland Paris Ears Headbands You Gotta Have ~ #Disney

Have you ever wondered about the exclusive Disney Ears Headbands available at Disney theme parks? Today I want to share with you Disneyland Paris Ears Headbands that you should add to your list if you’re a collector.

Visiting Disney for many is a treat. However, if there’s one accessory that you should/must have while visiting a park, it’s your Disney Ears. There are many options available to acquire one. You can purchase one directly from the online Disney Store, in the park (most of them are exclusive and only available in the park), or from the many sellers on Etsy who make their own unique specialty ones. You may remember me sharing about how you can choose the right Disney ears for you, as there is a variety to choose from.

Madison and I spent five days recently at Disneyland Paris and were amazed at the different Ear Headbands available that were not available here in the US (both at Walt Disney World and Disneyland), and being the Disney fanatic I am and also one who loves wearing her ear headband whenever I go to the park, I just had to get them.

So what are the exclusive ears that are available at Disneyland Paris? Since we weren’t able to wear them all in the park, I got Madison to model them for my pictures, but here are ten you should try and add to your list. 

1. Chip n Dale Ears Headband

The French are in love with Chip n Dale, and you can find them around the park for a quick meet and greet, but be warned, the lines can be very long. For memorabilia, consider getting the Chip n Dale ear headband featuring our favorite chipmunks wearing French berets. These were one of Madison’s favorite ears, although she kept alternating between a few.

2. Timon and Pumbaa Ears Headband

Hakuna Matata: It means no worries for the rest of your days! With the Lion King almost in theater, there’s no better way to show your Lion King pride than with these ears that feature best friends Timon and Pumbaa as soft plushes at the top of the ears. Part of the Lion King collection, they feature on one side Disneyland Paris embroidered while on the other tiny lion paw prints.

3. Simba Ears Headband

Also, as part of the Disneyland Paris The Lion King collection, make a roar with the Simba Ear Headband. Featuring two fluffy ears, they are reminiscent of baby Simba. These were Madison’s favorites, and I had to bribe her to switch them out as she stated they were the most comfortable ears she has ever worn.

4. Timeless Mickey & Minnie Ear Headband

Quite possibly the easiest ear to find in the park and one of the most popular. The vintage comic all-over print of Mickey and Minnie Mouse throughout the ears, along with the classic bow, gives it that timeless, classic look. This one was actually my favorite and also has Disneyland Paris printed along the side of the headband.

5. Minnie Polka Dot Ear Headband

So you’re doing a double-take with this one because you’re thinking, “Hey, we have that bow online and at the park,” and I thought the same thing too until Madison pointed out that the one we have at the park and the Disney Store is actually opposite to this one and has a polka dot bow with black ears. While this does feature Minnie’s signature polka dots, the padded bow, in this case, is a solid black. I’m not sure if this one will make its way to the US as it doesn’t have the signature Disneyland Paris embroidered on the side, but for now it’s a Disneyland Paris exclusive.

6. Minnie Mouse Gold Sequin Ears Headband

Once again, one that’s similar but still very different. While our own gold sequin ears do have polka dots, Disneyland Paris’ sequin embellished design features a golden star print sprinkled all throughout the black bow. The words “Disneyland Paris is Magical” are also printed on the sides of the headband, making it another chic exclusive.

7. Mickey Mouse Key Ears Headband

Part of the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection, you get to unlock the fun with this iconic Mickey Mouse Key Ears Headband. The fun design features a 3D bow tie and key that urges you to “Unlock the Fun,” complete with an embroidered keyhole and confetti artwork. This also features Disneyland Paris embroidered on the side of the headband.

8. Mickey Mouse Party Ears Headband

Also part of the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Collection, you get to join in the party celebration with the Mickey Mouse Party Ears Headband. These ears feature a small Mickey Mouse plush toy along with the words “World’s Biggest Mouse Party” on one ear, confetti on the other, and Disneyland Paris embroidered along the side.

9. Mickey Mouse’s Hands Ears Headband

Now, this Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Hands Ears Headband definitely gets a thumbs up! This headband features Mickey Mouse’s iconic padded hands and can’t be mistaken for anything else.

10. Alice Ears Headband

Part of the Alice in Wonderland Collection, these ears will have you wanting to follow Alice down the rabbit hole or maybe to Disneyland Paris. This headband is reversible, and features Eat Me on one side and Drink Me on the other, along with an adorable ribbon. Visit Wonderland and Alice with these ears and win some bonus points.

Bonus: Pink Princess Ears Headband

Perfect for all the little princesses in your life or maybe a wedding, you’re going to love this one. Complete with a veil and a princess crown between the padded bows, it will be sure to bring a smile to your face once you put it on. While I haven’t yet seen this one here in the US, and since it doesn’t have the Disneyland Paris embroidered on the side as most of the Disneyland Paris exclusives do, there is always a chance that this will make its way to the US. Fingers crossed for those who love it that it gets here sooner rather than later.

If you’re as big of a fan as I am and love wearing different ears whenever you visit the park, then I hope this post will encourage you to take a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you’re planning on visiting, then maybe this post will help you choose the Disneyland Paris hotel that is right for you.

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