Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray Review

Disclaimer: I was given the product in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

Today is all about hair care for me. I recently reviewed the Shea Moisture Kids Hair Care line and mommy and I weren’t happy with all the products in that line. We were actually very disappointed in a few of them. My hair is not straight but is very thick with lots of tight curls as we like to call it, so when Dead Sea Spa Care decided to send me their Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray mommy and I said “why not? We’d either love it or hate it right?” Well let me tell you all about our experience.

Do you see the above picture? What does that tell you? Let me tell what it means. It means mommy and I loved it! We only received one as a sample and we loved it so much that we went and bought another. Now if we didn’t like it we wouldn’t have bothered getting another one. Why would we waste money on a product that didn’t work? 

Very Thick and Dry Hair

As I mentioned before my hair is very thick and where I live because of the lack of humidity it leaves my hair very dry. Now mommy doesn’t like to put a lot of products in my hair at the same time because that leaves my hair feeling really “gunky” (is that a word?) and no one likes to feel their hair thoroughly greasy and sticky.

Do you see how much hair I have? Unbelievable! 

This product was a life saver for both mommy and me. See that picture above. That’s a picture of me before putting the Dea Sea Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray in my hair. Mommy took my hair out and sprayed this liberally in my hair and guess what? It moisturized my hair. I didn’t need to put anything else in and all I needed was a brush.

Looks so much better!

See the after picture? Doesn’t my hair look a lot better? And guess what is in there. Nothing but the Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray.

Now let me tell you a little bit about this spray as written on the bottle:

The Dead Sea Spa Care moisturizing and styling hair spray tames and detangles ALL hair types. There will be no more tears because this detangling tamer spray makes combing through easy, leaving hair soft and tangle free.

The Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray is made with Dead Sea Minerals, Herbal and Essential Oils. This wonderful product not only moisturizes while styling your hair, but it relieves damaged hair for soft defined curls and waves. Flexible hold curls bring out the natural shine in the hair. Great for everyday use, and effortless combing. 

What a difference! 

They really weren’t lying when they said that it moisturizes and that it also leaves your hair very easy to comb through. All that I have experienced. It really has left my hair feeling soft and tangle free and there was no tears. It can be used on dry and wet hair and mommy uses it on my hair every chance she gets. We have used it both dry and wet and both have given us a wonderful experience. The Dea Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray is great for babies and grown-ups too and definitely gets Two Tiny Thumbs Up from me! 

Thank you Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray

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