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You may have noticed that I’ve focused quite a bit on Hair Care this month and that’s because we’ve been trying to take a lot better care of our hair. As I’ve mentioned before, our hair tends to really get dry here in Colorado and so I’ve been trying new protective styles for Madison. She’s currently in crochet braids which she just loves with the curly look. That means that her own hair is protected and there’s less stress on her hair when it comes to daily care. It’s also a lot easier to style so when Goody invited us to their blogger network I was ecstatic. Why? Because we are HUGE fans of Goody and their hair accessories. I think every parent with a daughter has used at least one Goody hair care product. Whether it be their ouchless brushes or their cute little ponytail holders. We always tend to have a few on hand because as a mom they just seem to disappear.

Goody sent us quite a great selection of products and her big sister decided to take a few for herself because according to her, “Madison doesn’t need it all”. And she may have been right. One of the first thing she grabbed was Goody’s new Ouchless Brush. Now I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Goody’s claim about it reducing your hair breakage by 55%. They also claimed that “Goody’s exclusive FlexGlide™ bristles combine strength with flexibility to move through your hair effortlessly, gently removing tangles without snagging or breaking strands”. So of course we had to put it to the test. You know us on Growing Up Madison. We try everything we review. So did it do the job?

Well Madison hates brushing her hair. She claims that it hurts, quite possibly because her normal brush does pull on her hair and it snags. Well for once there was really no complains and she actually enjoyed doing it herself. Wow! I’m really amazed and now I think I need to grab a few more in different sizes. They may even make great gifts for my girlfriends with little girls who hate brushing as much as Madison did.

So for the second day of school Madison decided that she wanted to wear this really cute Aztec print jumper. Yes I let her choose her clothes within reason. I believe in the power of choice (within reason once again). I remember growing up I didn’t really have much of a choice of what I wore. My mother chose everything for me. I’m a different kind of mom and give my kids choices. If they want to look like a clown in school then that’s their choice. Well Madison has a great sense of style so I’ve had no problems so far. Well we decided that we were going to do a few styles using Goody’s hair accessories until she found the style she wanted. So here’s goes.

This first style we like to call the Pocahontas and can be achieved by just placing one of Goody’s Headwraps around your hair and forehead. Quite unlike the way you would place a headband. Madison decided that this style wasn’t quite for her but I thought it looked rather cute.

The second I called flower power. This required one of Goodies Barrettes with the flower design. Kind of like the hippie look but once again Madison didn’t like it. She claimed that her hair was still falling in her face so we went on to look number 3.

This look was also achieved by once again using Goodies Barrettes and I just clipped her hair at the side. It kept her hair out of her face but my style inclined little girl finally thought that while she liked her hair out of her face, she needed something a bit more so I let her choose. It’s all about choice and Goody has enough hair accessories to make choices.

She finally decided on the Goody Headbands. These comes in variety packs and she picked out both a black and pink with sparkles because according to her, they matched her outfit. And she was right! So finally she was set.

Goody makes it so easy to style your hair for back to school and we can’t wait to share with you some more of the styles that we came up with. You can find Goody hair care products at most major stores and pharmacies. So grab a few of their accessories and brushes for back to school and share some of your favorite styles with us. We can’t wait to see them!

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Let’s discuss: What’s your favorite Goody Hair Care Accessory if you’ve used Goody products before? 

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