Don’t Forget Your Wet Ones – #WishIHadWetOnes

I like clean and I mean being clean. I’m not a fan of messes and germs, not at all. With everything that’s been going on, all the new diseases that have been popping up, I would prefer to have a germ free home and child. While I can tolerate a messy kid I would prefer if she stayed spotless. While we all know that it’s nearly impossible for to have a spotless child,  especially if you have toddlers and pre-schoolers, there are a few ways that you can keep them clean when you’re out and about. One of the product that I just love to use is Wet Ones. I never forget my Wet Ones! With Madison going back to school I have to have a pack in her backpack and lunch box so that she can stay clean after a meal or whenever. She’s almost like me and hates having her hands dirty and sometimes water is always around.

Now in order to keep a stock of Wet Ones on hand, what was required was a quick trip to Target. Trust me there is nothing known as a quick trip to Target. Target as most of you know is one of my favorite store and has always been. Being a New Yorker it’s the only major store that we have in the city so I’m always excited to go into a familiar place. A quick trip that would normally take around 20 minutes usually ends up being at least 2 hours because as I mentioned before, there is no such thing as a quick trip to Target.

I took Madison with me since after all this was for her although I keep a pack in my pocket book as well. There is also one in my car storage compartment for the kids.  The travel packs are so convenient and easy to walk around with. A great way to keep the kids clean and yourself too. Don’t forget to add them to your gym bag. Wet Ones aren’t super expensive either and what’s even better was that I was able to pick up a Wet Ones coupon online at Target to save even more. You can’t beat that deal at all.

Once Madison got home she decided that after that not nearly quick trip to Target, her hands was dirty from just carrying the bag. Can you believe that? Well guess what! Wet Ones to the rescue. Wet Ones kills 99.99% of germs and they are super gentle on your hands, and they smell great too! The travel packs are available in Antibacterial Hand Wipes, Fresh Scent or Citrus Sensitive Skin Hand Wipes. So grab your Wet Ones Coupon from Target and pick up a few travel packs of Wet Wipes today and keep those germs away. You then won’t have to say #WishIHadWetOnes!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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