Chase Digital Banking Has My Holiday Shopping Covered!

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I love just love to shop as most people know. I can’t pass by a store and not go in and it’s been known to get me in trouble a few times as well. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of me going into Target to get “Just One Thing” and coming out a few hours later with a shopping cart full of stuff. Be real, who can truly go into Target and come back out with just that one thing they went in to get? With the holidays approaching I keep seeing all the Black Friday ads and all I can think of is “I want to get that” and “I want to get this” but I also know that I won’t be doing the chaotic mess that is considered Black Friday. The closest I might come to shopping on Black Friday is online shopping and guess who’s got me covered? Chase of course! I’ve been a happy customer of Chase for over 15 years and they’ve never disappointed me ever.

Chase’s digital banking allows me to bank conveniently – virtually from anywhere in the world – using my computer or by using their mobile app on my cell phone or tablet. I was recently in the Caribbean a few months ago and I was able to check my balance before I placed an order for something that I needed. When I receive checks in the mail, I can also deposit it using Chase QuickPay℠, all I have to do is take a picture of the front and the back of my check and it’s done. No need to leave the comfort of my home to make my deposits anymore. Now if only there was a way to deposit cash that way. 😀

I have never had to worry about unauthorized purchases either when it comes to my online shopping. Once I saw an unauthorized charge on my card, contacted Chase’s customer service and was refunded. They canceled my card and issued a new one right away. In case someone had my card information, I would no longer have to worry. I have also set up my Chase text and email alerts. This alerts me when I’ve reached my spending limit. I don’t want to go into a store not having any money, nobody wants that.

If you’ve never banked with Chase here is what you’re missing out on:

1. Chase QuickPay℠ – allows you to easily pay another person without cash or checks.

2. Chase QuickDeposit℠ – just point, click and deposit. Simply take a picture of your check and deposit your check almost anytime, anywhere.

3. Chase Freedom® Mobile App – allows Chase Freedom cardholders to easily redeem cash back rewards and pay at the register at 30 merchants including Toys “R” Us, Gap, Target, Lowe’s, Starbucks and at any movie theater owned by Regal Entertainment Group.

So take the worry out of your holiday shopping and check out Chase digital banking today. You’re going to love them as much as I have for the past 15 years.

Visit to learn how you can save time by banking securely and conveniently from virtually anywhere.

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