Nail Trends

One glance at pinterest will tell you that extravagant nails are trending right now.  Nails are the mini-accessories of your hands, so it’s no wonder that you want to spruce them up.  Read on for the top nail trends of 2016.

Nail Art

For those who have the artistic prowess, using each nail as a mini-canvas can leave you with stunningly beautiful nails.  You can purchase nail art kits with tiny stencils, brushes, dotting pens, etc. to make the job just a little easier.  Many people paint pictures of their fandom (such as Disney princesses, a movie, or a TV show), of animals, nature scenes, or just fun patterns and swirls.  You can also use tape to help paint specific patterns.  If you don’t have the artistic skills yourself, you can always get an adorable nail wrap.

Nail Wraps

There are many popular nail wrap companies such as Jamberry, Scratch, and Rad Nails that produce adorable nail decals for the artistically challenged.  They go on quick and easy, and then they stay on for at least two weeks.  You can get nearly any design with a wrap, from solid colors to swirls, checkers, and more.  Nail wraps come on sheets of nail decals that you then cut to fit your nail and press on.  They normally cost about $7 a manicure.  Some people don’t like them because they can be tricky to apply, but once you get the hang of it, they are quite fun and easy.

Nail Gems

Applying rhinestones and glitter to your nails is a trendy way to bedazzle your manicure.  You can buy nail rhinestones, or any normal rhinestones to apply to your nails.  In order to apply the gems to your nails, you need to apply the gems when they are still wet but not wet enough to smudge.  Use an applicator such as tweezers or a toothpick to apply them where you want.   After they are placed where you want, apply a top coat to “glue” them into place.  Just be aware that placing on top of a stone can dull it’s sparkle, so you may need to paint around the gem with a fine brush.

Creative French Tips

This blog puts creative french tipped nails as one of the top beauty trends of 2016.  Many people are taking the traditional french tip to the next level by creating a “V” tip, covering half the nail, adding patterns or an ombre design to the tip, or even nail gems to accentuate the look.  It is also popular to paint the tip a color that isn’t natural, like green or purple.  So go ahead and try something new!

The Accent

A popular trend is to paint all your nails the same color except for one.  There are many rumors as to how this trend got started, from a statement of sexual orientation, reminding themselves not to text and drive, to it being purely economical (in some nail salons, they used to charge you per nail rather than for a full set).  No matter how it got started, it is a fun trend that is here to stay!

All White

Many celebrities and fashionistas have opted for an all white nail.  It is a classy yet bold look that makes your nails stand out.  If you are attending a black tie affair or just want to look smashing for a night out on the town, the all white nail is for you.

Horizontal Lines

Painting a thin, dark, horizontal line on your nail is a popular trend that has been compared to wearing a stiletto on your finger.  The line elongates your nail, making them look long and classy in a simple way.  If you’re not a very good painter, you can get a long nail sticker to achieve this look without the mess.

Sparkle Nails

Adding a hint of sparkle to your nails has always been a popular trend.  Matte is flat and quite boring.  Opt for polishes that have small glitter particles if you’re going for a gentle sparkle or larger particles if you want a more fun and flirty look.


Chrome nails are becoming more and more popular.  They add sparkle and shine without the juvenile feel of glitter.

No matter what you do to your nails, manicures are here to stay, so why not add a splash of color.

Let’s discuss: Which nail trend are you most likely to do? 

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