It’s OK to Have a Watchitude

We all have our own unique style. We all like what we like no matter what anyone says and that’s great! When I had my kids I knew they would all be different and they haven’t proven me wrong. My oldest is into fashion, my son Kyle is the basketball star, Mikael is into science and Madison, well, she’s just Madison. While I would have loved for my children to be a little like me, to be honest, I’m very happy that they’re not. Dealing with a mini-me would totally drive me insane, although Madison isn’t very far off, at times. She has my attitude and my very smart mouth, which isn’t always good. However, I love that they all have their own individual style and there’s a company that appreciates that and let’s them know that it’s totally OK to have an attitude, in a slap watch of course. Introducing Watchitude!

What is Watchitude? Well they’re the next best thing in slap watches. You remember those slap watches we owned when growing up? Well these aren’t the boring kind that we had. These are way cooler. These come in over 50 designs to match every personality. I think the hardest decision you’ll have is choosing the design that truly speaks to you. Since I’m from New York City, I truly wanted a NYC skyline watch but the kids, of course, decided to choose their own. See what I mean? They’re nothing like me, no matter how much I tried hinting at a NYC Watchitude watch. Kyle decided on the basketball, while Mikael went with the planets and Madison wanted cupcakes. Isn’t she sweet?!

Now the great thing about these watches is that they’re one size fits all and are perfect for any age, whether your 2 or 200. They are all made with a silicone band that just wraps around your wrist. They are super easy to wear that even Madison puts it on all by herself. Just slap it on your wrist and that’s it. It does the work all by itself. Having an analog display with quartz movement, it’s a good watch for those wanting to learn/teach time without a digital display. One thing to note, however, is that they’re not water resistant so be careful getting your Watchitude wet.

The kids love wearing their Watchitudes and it truly does make them stand out. Now they can show their own unique style on their wrist. If your style can’t be found on the site, although I very much doubt it, since their designs are extensive, Watchitude allows you to design your own, there you can have all your friends vote for your design. If your design is chosen, you get your watch for FREE. How awesome is that?

Watchitude makes great gifts for any age and best of all they’re reasonably priced so you can get a few and show off your own unique style. So if you’re looking for a last minute gift, check out Watchitude and let your personality shine through, you’ll be glad you did!

Let’s discuss: What would your Watchitude say about you? 

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