Spring Pinecone Flower Wreath


Brighten your front door with a beautiful spring pinecone flower wreath and welcome in the spring season.

Spring has sprung! I dare you to say that five times fast. Well it does seem that Spring has arrived here in Colorado Springs. We have been having high temperatures all winter, with just a sprinkling of snow on one lonely day. While I would love to have more snow than we have had, unfortunately it doesn’t seem as if that’s going to happen. With that reality in check, I decided to welcome spring a bit earlier than usual.

My neighbor has the most beautiful pinecone tree, and during the fall Madison and I would collect pinecones to create crafts and to even use in our home as decor. However, there is so much you can do with pinecones besides pinecone hedgehogs or pinecone turkeys, and they’re just not a fall decorative piece. Recently Madison and I went to collect a few more so that we could create something new. Madison ended up with a basket full of pinecones and I knew exactly what I was going to make with them.

It helped that my old spring wreath that I created a few years ago was in shambles. I didn’t store it correctly, and the flowers were all bent out of shape, while others were completely ripped off. It was time for a new wreath, and this spring pinecone flower wreath was just what I wanted. Since I had the supplies at home already, this didn’t cost me anything at all to make, and I have to say that it turned out really well. I do plan on recreating it with the left over pinecones for my neighbor, but I plan on purchasing brighter colored paint instead of using spray paint, which to be honest, is so much easier. So without further ado, let’s get into how you too can recreate this.

I’ve since updated this post with an extra step and new photos since the original was made. My neighbor loved it so much, I gave it to her and decided to recreate a new one with much more vibrant colors.

Spring Pinecone Flower Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need:


1 Grapevine wreath


Paint of various colors including yellow (the brighter the better. You can either use spray paint or regular paint to paint your pinecones.)

Floral stem so you can reuse the leaves

Paint brush

Glue gun


Protective layer to protect your surface from the paint


1. Being by laying down a protective layer to prevent staining wherever you’re going to be painting. I used an old cardboard box which worked out rather well. Start painting your pine cones with either your paint and paintbrush, or your canned spray paint which may be a lot faster, then lay to dry.

2. This step is entirely optional, but I found that it looked a lot better this way. If you have green paint, you can paint your grapevine wreath a green color to represent spring. Once again, this step is entirely optional. I would also recommend using gloves since you’ll be dealing with paint. I ended up with my hands stained with paint at the end of this the very first time I did this and learned from my mistake. Set this aside as well and let it dry.

3. Once your pinecones are dry, with your paint brush, paint the bottom of your pinecone in the middle with your yellow paint. This will make your pinecone look very much like a zinnia flower.

4. Once your wreath and pinecones are completely dry, it’s now time to stick your pinecones onto your wreath with your glue gun.

5. Take apart the leaves from your floral stem and attach them to a few (or all) of your pinecones to make it look like they are real flowers such as in the photo below.

6. You can now hang your beautiful pinecone flower wreath on your front door, which says you’re ready for spring.

Are you ready for spring? 

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