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While I no longer have a “baby”, my 3yr old Madison is still the baby of the family and I’ll have to say that she knows it and acts upon it. She tries to get away with everything under the sun and loves to test her boundaries. While we seemed to have bypassed the Terrible 2’s, we’re now in the Terrible 3’s and it seems like I need to have eyes in the back of my head to see what she’s up to. I’m now more worried about her as a pre-schooler than I ever was when she was a baby.

As a baby, she was super quiet and I knew that if I left her sleeping in her crib I would get back and meet her sleeping in her crib. Now if I leave her sleeping in her bed, I’ll get back and she’ll be downstairs in one of the kids room creating havoc. I can’t begin to tell you how many complaints I’ve had that begins “Madison” and I’m sure it’ll continue for a while. So when I was invited to test out the new Levana Ayden Video Monitor I was thrilled. Sure I’ve had video monitors before but I’ve always loved the Levana brand, it was actually one of the very first video monitors I owned when Madison was a baby.

One of the feature that I just absolutely loved is their night vision feature and their huge 3.5″ screen. Now I can feel good knowing that she is where she’s supposed to be. I can actually do what I need to do without having to worry about her because I can see her and have eyes on her at all times. The image is very clear and this image that I took was actually with my room dark and I could still see her laying on my bed.

Another feature that most parents would like is the fact that it is expandable up to 4 cameras. Now you can have an additional 3 other cameras in rooms that you know your little one will or want to get into. No need to unplug and move around. The battery life on the Ayden Video Monitor can last up to 48 hours without needing to recharge so you have 2 full days of being worry free as I like to call it.

So here are my top 3 reasons for loving this new Levana Ayden Video Monitor.

1. I no longer have to worry what my little one is up to. With the 3.5″ screen it’s as if I’m right there with her and there is a 2 way intercom so if she’s into something I can call her name and she knows I’m watching.

2. Long battery life and Night Vision Mode. It does come with an energy saving mode so if there is no sound it will shut off conserving battery life. With the Night Vision Mode, if she decides to get up in the dark, I can be alerted.

3. I am now able to do more which is what most moms want knowing that my little one is safe. Why? Because I can have eyes on her at all times. I now have eyes in the back of my head like my own mother used to have.

At Levana, they place the utmost importance on the security and safety of your baby. To deter all potential hacking, Levana baby monitors transmit all video and audio data on small, private and local networks. To further increase security, paired monitors and cameras hop between 19 channels simultaneously so attempts to access the signal are disrupted. This increases the overall security of their r monitors and ensures they are only used for their intended purpose, empowering you and delivering peace of mind.

#DoMoreWorryLess with the Levana Ayden Monitor. Now as a mom I can have those eyes in the back of my head that my own mom use to have. #ad

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So check out the Levana Ayden Video Monitor, look at the all the features and I guarantee that you’ll love it.

So let’s discuss: What more can you do knowing your child is safe? 

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