Button Spring Flowers Shadow Box


Are you already longing for Spring? Have lots of buttons lying around and need something to do with them? My Button Spring Flowers Shadow Box is easy to make and will add a dash of color to your home.

I can’t be the only person tired of Old Man Winter, can I? I’m not a fan of the cold weather, I’m a Caribbean warm weather baby and love the sun on my face. I don’t like excessive heat, but a beautiful warm sun with a cool breeze is what I’m about. Unlike what most people think of the Caribbean, it’s not hellfire hot in the Caribbean, after all, the islands are surrounded by the Caribbean sea, so there is always a cool breeze blowing. Yesterday, we had a reasonably warm day here in Colorado, so Madison and I went outdoors and decided to do what we do best when we’re bored, we started on a craft.

I like simple and easy things, I’m not a fan of spending hours working on a craft. Those hours can be spent doing other things. However, we had a ton of buttons just lying around, and I needed something to do with them. I also had a few shadow boxes left over. Shadow boxes are so easy to create, and you may remember my Jingles of Joy Holiday Shadow Box.  Whether you’re a perfectionist or an amateur like I am, shadow boxes are a joy to make and always look beautiful, even with their imperfections. They are also relatively inexpensive to make, compared to buying them in-store.

Button Spring Flowers Shadow Box

Supplies Needed:

Buttons in assorted sizes

Shadow Box

Craft Cord, Jute or Yarn

Glue Gun

Stickers (optional)



Start gathering your buttons together and finding the ones that you want to use. You’re going to need different sizes, but essentially, bigger ones are better, with smaller ones that you can attach to the big buttons. With your glue gun, attach the little buttons to the bigger buttons to make your button “flower.” You can use up to 3 buttons, but I decided on 2 because it was easier.


Cut your craft cord, jute, or yarn in different lengths. You can, however, cut them into the same length if you want it to be uniform. Remove the back of your shadow box and glue your material on the inside cover. These will act as your stems.


Next, glue your buttons to the top of your “stems.” If you have additional small buttons, you can use them to act as leaves. I had quite a few small flower designed buttons and used these, but you can also use circular ones. Whatever you have!


Place the back of your shadow box back in place, and you’re done.

That’s it. Super easy and just 3 simple steps!

This took me less than 10 minutes, and since I already had the materials, it was inexpensive to make. You can get all of the materials at your local dollar store. Now, instead of dreary snow, I can look at this in my home and dream of the spring flowers that I will soon be seeing in just a few months.

What about you, are you looking forward to spring?

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