Frozen Inspired Caterpillar Craft

Frozen was the hit of the summer and the buzz still hasn’t died down. Kids can still be heard singing “Let It Go” all lover the world. With that in mind we want to bring something that is not only fun but easy to do. You and your kids can create this Frozen inspired caterpillar craft with just a few common crafting supplies and just a little time. This snowball caterpillar is the perfect way to get into the winter season, as well as celebrate your love for all things Frozen. Take a peek below at how you and your kids can get busy crafting your own. This is a fun, frugal, and Frozen inspired craft that is sure to be a hit!

Here is what you will need:

Wood craft stick (large, wide)

Assorted blue sparkle pom poms (less than $5 for a large bag at Michael’s Craft store)

Pair of google eyes

Pipe cleaners in blue or white

Craft glue


As you can see, these are all common crafting items you can find at your local craft store. Look for the blue crafting pom poms that have the extra sparkle on them like we used here. They lend themselves to the snowball and icy look, making them perfect for this project.


Begin by applying glue to the bottoms of your pom poms. Press them to the wood craft stick one at a time until secure. As you apply them, start with the largest and work your way down to a smaller pom pom.

Once your stick is full, you can begin working on the face. Apply a pair of google eyes with craft glue. Simply press into place until secure.

Add the antennae of your caterpillar. Cut a length of pipe cleaner in blue or white. Twist the tops gently. Add glue to the bottom and press them into the head of the caterpillar. Finish off by adding two miniature pom poms to the tips.

Your Frozen inspired caterpillar is now complete. This is perfect for acting out finger plays or just for using as a décor piece. Either way, it is sure to get you into the Frozen and winter spirit! Gather your supplies and give this easy craft a try with your family!

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