Time Saving Dinner Hacks

Save time with these time saving dinner hacks.

Picture this, your family seated around the dinner table having great conversations over a meal cooked special just for this moment that brings each of your days to an end. The almighty dinner time is a great time for families to reconnect as a unit and bond over a warm home cooked meal. The problem with dinner time is the cooking process involved, it can take away precious time from other responsibilities you may have. This is why today we are going to share some time saving dinner hacks as a means to free up some time so you can still enjoy that quality family time.

Buy Quick Cook Meats

Think about what recipes you will be cooking up for dinner, does it call for a specific meat or poultry item.  Purchasing thinner slices of meat or ground meat will make the cooking process go quicker and thus saving you time cooking dinner.

Use Foil for Lids

Don’t have a lid or can’t seem to find that proper lid for the pan you want to use for dinner tonight? No worries, keep some tinfoil on hand at all times. Tinfoil works great as a make shift lid for quick access to start cooking without the endless search through your cupboards.

Make Pasta in the Microwave

An easy dinner hack is to cook pasta in the microwave. Place pasta in a microwave safe bowl then cover with water about one inch. From there you start the microwave on about 10 minutes and let it cook. No dirtying extra pans and you can make the other portions of dinner while the pasta cooks up in the microwave.

Cook Extra Ingredients

If you are cooking something that has a base sauce or ingredients that you will be using in a different dinner later on in the work, cook extra! This is the perfect dinner hack to ensure you don’t have to go through the preparation process another night during the same week.

Plan a Make your Own Night

This is the perfect dinner hack to please everyone in the family unit. Setup a bar of food on the table to select from and allow each family member to make their own simple dish out of the ingredients, then sit down to enjoy dinner together.

Breakfast for Dinner

The most fun dinner hack ever is to just have a breakfast for dinner evening, think ahead by making pancakes that can be frozen while waiting for dinner then just toss them in the toaster or microwave oven before dinner time. Sausage, eggs, etc. all do well for a quick breakfast dinner option.

Wear Gloves When Cooking Meat

A time saving dinner hack is to wear rubber gloves when handling different kinds of raw meat. This alleviates the time involved in washing your hands over and over again. It’s a great way to work with multiple meats without getting yucky raw meat on your fingers too.

Shred Meat Faster

Making a recipe that calls for shredded meat such as chicken, turkey or maybe even pork? Use a handheld mixer to shred meat faster than by hand or using a couple forks. This is the perfect way to have meat shredded just right while saving time!

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