5 Tips for Surviving a Hurricane

Learn how to survive a hurricane with these tips.

Last week, Colorado Springs, Colorado, was hit with winds going as much as 110 miles per hour. Now I’ve lived in Colorado for the past 5 years, and while we’ve had our share of bad weather, nothing quite prepared me for this. We’ve had snow storms, rain storms, hail storms, but never a wind storm. Semi-trucks were left turned over on their sides on the highway, trees were uprooted, power lines were down and thousands were left without electricity. I took it upon myself to go outdoors and document it on a Facebook live video and almost got blown away. Note to self, DO NOT GO OUT IN 80 MPH WINDS.

When you reside in an area that has frequent hurricanes, it’s important to learn tips for surviving a hurricane. While not every country or state is susceptible to hurricanes, the majority of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas in the United States are prone to this weather pattern. Hurricanes are tropical storms that unleash torrential rain, storms, and flooding for nearly 2 weeks at a time.  If you have found yourself residing in a location that may experience a hurricane, read on for some tips to survive.

1. Be Certain Your Property is Hurricane Safe

If you are in an area prone to hurricanes then you should quickly learn that your property must be secured and ready for this weather pattern at all times. Consider having permanent storm shutters for every window, a way to keep your roof safe from the torrential rains and keep landscaping at a minimum so that the debris doesn’t fall onto your home during a hurricane.

Hiring a reputable roofing contractor to inspect and reinforce your roof can significantly reduce the risk of costly damage during a hurricane. They can advise on the best materials to withstand high winds and offer solutions for securely fastening the roof to the structure of your home.

2. Keep a Family Disaster Kit

Sometimes a hurricane may hit without much notice for you to hit the stores to get supplies. When you reside in a location prone to hurricanes you must always have a family disaster kit ready and on hand. A family disaster kit should include water, food and other necessities to ensure your family can wait out a hurricane for a number of days. Consider keeping backup prescriptions in this disaster kit that is if you are on consistent meds.

3. Keep Yourself Informed

Always keep a battery operated radio on hand to ensure you can tune into the emergency broadcast system during a hurricane. There may be pertinent information that you need to hear during a storm, so keep the battery operated radio in a quick access location with backup batteries in case of a long term power outage.

4. Have Emergency Cash on Hand

Think about keeping a decent amount of cash on hand locked up in a fire safe security box at all times. This cash needs to be a reasonable amount to survive should power be out for an extended period of time during hurricane season. Most ATM’s won’t be available if the power goes out, so this emergency cash can come in handy.

5. Be Ready to Move

Some hurricanes give advance notice and you may be instructed to evacuate where you reside. In these scenarios it’s best to have the above four items ready in addition to a backup plan to ensure your pets are safe. Keep your gas tank full on your vehicles prior to a hurricane so that you can drive for a long distance without running out of gas. When living in hurricane country, you must always be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

In Conclusion

While no one will know for sure how to be fully prepared for a hurricane thrown at you by Mother Nature, it’s important to follow each of these 5 tips to survive a hurricane so that you can rest a bit easier during this emergency situation. You made the decision to reside in hurricane country, now it’s time to continue to keep yourself educated on how to survive hurricanes.

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