Boozy Orange Peep-sicle

Don’t let the kids have all the fun this easter, give this boozy orange peep-sicle drink a try. It’s a drink the adults would love and the kids will yearn to have one day.

It’s Easter, and while the kids are egg hunting and eating all the chocolate they can devour this day, you want something a bit more. I know that after a day of watching screaming kids try and get all the eggs they can at the annual egg hunt, all you can think of is, “Why did I come out here for this?”

While it would be ok if it was just the kids screaming, there are of course a few loud parents as well, who feel that their kids are entitled to ALL the eggs on the field and your child shouldn’t be there, because it’s obvious, the egg hunt was orchestrated for their kids only.

So while you are there trying to be the one civil parent and keep it together, and not get into a fight over some dollar store eggs with cheap candy on the inside, all you can think of is “I need a drink!”. Well I’ve got you covered, and in order to get rid of all those peeps that you know that your kids are NOT going to eat, how about using them as garnishes on your drink as well. That’s why I think you’ll love our boozy orange peep-sicle. It will help you keep your sanity after a rough day at egg hunting.

Boozy Orange Peep-sicle

(Yields: 2 (8 oz) servings)


4-6 oz Vanilla Vodka – chilled

12 oz bottle orange  soda – chilled

Whipped Cream



1.  Fill each glass 1/3 of the way with the chilled vanilla vodka.

2. Pour the chilled orange soda on top and stir a few times to mix.

3.  Generously pipe whipped cream on top of each glass.

4.  Cover the whipped cream with sprinkles and add a straw.

5.   Garnish with a marshmallow Peeps orange chick.

6.   ENJOY!!

So don’t let Easter egg hunts get you down, think about what you’ll be drinking later, and to those entitled self absorbed parents, just hit the ignore button on the inside of your brain. After all, you may not ever meet them again, well not until next Easter anyway. It always seem to work for me!

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