Halloween Movies That Are Great for the Whole Family

If you’re looking for some family-friendly fun ideas for Halloween, look no further than movie night. Halloween is a great time to sit back with the family and enjoy some popcorn while you watch your favorite Halloween movies.

Best Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween movies can be tricky to pick out because depending on the age of your children, you don’t watch something that is too scary. You also don’t want something that is for a younger audience than what your children are in.

Depending on what kind of Halloween movies you are looking to watch with the family, this list contains movies that range from fun and cute animated movies to creep-fest movies that older kids may enjoy if they don’t get scared easily or mind the scary characters. Don’t forget the devilishly black lemonade!

Hocus Pocus

It’s no surprise that Hocus Pocus makes it on the list of Halloween movies to watch with the family. Hocus Pocus has become a must-see classic year after year for both kids and adults. 

Kids will love following the Sanderson sisters as they capture the holiday spirit and get themselves into a little bit of trouble.

Monster House

Monster House was released in 2015 and is an animated movie that follows the story of a trio of young children who must save the trick or treaters from the scary monsters that live in the neighborhood.

Even though it is an animated film, there are some scary images and sequences, along with some brief language, that kids may not enjoy. It was rated PG so you can make your best judgment.

The Addams Family

Another classic movie that is a must-watch during Halloween, The Adams Family is a fun movie that has some strange but loveable characters.

Follow the Addams family and see their bizarre lives as they welcome a missing brother into their home just to find out that the brother is not really his brother but is someone who is up to no good.


Another fun classic movie for Halloween, Casper is a friendly ghost that becomes friends with Kat, someone who has just moved into his home.

Casper, along with his tormenting uncles, has lived in the house for years. While his mischievous uncles enjoy causing chaos, Casper is a sweet loving ghost that quickly falls in love with Kat. The movie is full of fun antics, sweet movements, and more.


We love Scooby-Doo and Scoob! brings him and the rest of the gang together to solve a Halloween mystery.

With it being Halloween, the gang must come together to see who exactly is plotting to unleash a monstrous dog as they discover the supernatural purpose of their own.

The Witches

The Witches movie that came out in 2020 can be kid-friendly, depending on what you allow your children to watch or how scared they may get.

The reviews came in that The Witches was a comic fantasy movie that is appropriate for ages 10 and up, however, it does have some pretty scary characters that some may find disturbing. This is a movie that you may want to check out before the kiddos see it.


In 2015, our favorite best-selling R.L. Stine books came to life when they released a Goosebumps movie. The movie is about Zach, who meets his neighbor and soon becomes friends with her. He then finds out that his neighbor’s dad is R.L. Stine himself. 

Unfortunately, Zach accidentally unleashes the monsters from those books and then has to help get those monsters back into the books where they belong. The movie will take you on an adventure of many of the characters from the Goosebumps books.

A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting

This is a good spooky movie that you can watch with your tweens. The movie is based on the characters who are a secret group of babysitters that go around fighting monsters. 

Each monster poses its own threat and it’s up to the babysitters to take care of them as they protect their neighborhoods and the kids they are babysitting.

The House With a Clock in Its Walls

The House With a Clock in Its Walls follows the story of a young orphan that was sent to live with is strange uncle. As the orphan is living with is uncle, he unexpectedly gets pulled into a magical world of witches and other spooky characters.

Luckily, the boy has two magical guardians that help protect him and save him from the spooky characters that he comes across. 


Another animated movie that is full of spooky scares, ParaNorman is about a boy who can communicate with the dead and uses that power to solve a town-wide mystery.

Hotel Transylvania

Not so much spooky, but perfect for Halloween, Hotel Transylvania is an animated comedy that is full of mythical creatures and monsters. 

The story takes place at Hotel Transylvania, a lavish resort where monsters can be themselves without any humans to bother them. Of course, complications arise when a human crashes the party and becomes close with one of the creatures attending the resort.

There are so many fun and spooky Halloween movies that you can enjoy with the family, including a few family favorites by Tim Burton such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Coraline, just to name a few. 

Just remember, everyone is different, and some children can be a little more hesitant on the level of scary movies they’re willing to watch. But we think you may enjoy these movies if you’re looking for some fun Halloween movies to watch with the family this year while at home.

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