How to Put on a Great Halloween Party for Your Kids

Halloween is quickly approaching, and there is no one who loves Halloween quite as much as little children.

Indeed, your kids have probably already been thinking for weeks about what they want to be for Halloween. Getting in the Halloween spirit presents an awesome opportunity to get your crafty side out and help your kids throw a fun Halloween party for them and their friends. Here are some tips on how you can accomplish just that, and make it one that they’ll love!

Go all out on decorations

If you’re going to throw a Halloween party, then don’t pussyfoot around. Go all in on Halloween, or go home. There are so many things that you can do to decorate a room for Halloween, that there is practically no excuse to not go all out and outfit your living room with pumpkins, spider webs, and any zany arrangement of death that you can think of! If you want some more ideas on things you can put around the house to get a Halloween party ready, check out this useful article here.

Get festive with the invitations

Your Halloween spirit doesn’t have be contained within your home during the timespan of the party. Ask your kids how many other kids that they are planning on inviting, and then get to work to make a spooky invitation that they won’t be able to resist. Making a cool invitation gets kids in the mood for the type of party that they are going to, and builds excitement before they even step foot in your home. If you really want to go an extra mile, attach them to a small bag with some fun little toys or candy.

Make a killer soundtrack

There is a large assortment of great Halloween music that our culture has made, over the years. From old school classics like “Monster Mash” and “Love Potion No 9” to 80’s hit classics like “Thriller” and “Dead Man’s Party” to modern hits like “Disturbia”, there is no shortage of songs that can make the perfect Halloween party soundtrack. A killer soundtrack helps set the mood of the party, and helps the kids have fun. One thing to remember, though, is to check through any music collection that you happen to find on the internet, as there’s also a fair share of Halloween songs that might not be age appropriate!

Don’t let them overdo the candy

Children often have a bit of a selfish reasoning to holidays. Just like many kids love Christmas for the presents, Halloween is all about the candy. However, too much candy is definitely a bad thing, and other parents will probably resent you a little bit if you let their child overload on candy, especially before Halloween night even rolls around. For this reason, don’t let the kids go too crazy with the candy, and have some healthy fare that they are encouraged to dive into, throughout the party. Also, if any kids are spending the night, make sure that they brush their teeth before they go to sleep if they’ve been eating candy! After all, good oral health is important for overall body health.

Tell some spooky stories

One of the funnest Halloween time activities that is popular at parties for kids is the spooky story session. After things have calmed down and you’ve turned the music off, it’s a blast to gather around in the dark and talk about scary stories, or times that you really thought you’d seen a ghost. Embellish your stories and make them more exciting than they really were, of course. That’s the trademark of any good ghost story. Just make sure that it doesn’t get too scary if there are some kids there that really do seem haunted by the tales.

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