Traveling To Tampa? Here’s How To Enjoy Yourself On A Budget

You’re visiting Tampa for the first time and you want to make sure you have a great trip. You don’t know anyone there, so it’s up to you to figure out what to do! Luckily, Tampa is one of the cheapest major cities in America with many things within budget. Check out these tips that will help your Tampa trip be more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Tampa on a Budget

Skip on the Hotels by Going With an RV 

A great way to skip on hotel expenses is to use an RV. Tampa is a perfect destination for those who want to experience Tampa with more space and less cost. You should probably rent an RV when going here because you’ll get around easier and won’t be glued to one place meaning you’ll have more time to explore everything. It’s a pretty cost-effective way to see Tampa too.

The cost will vary if you plan on renting one from an individual, but it’s worth looking into because they are often much cheaper than the larger companies and there is no risk of being denied service due to credit score issues! 

Look into places where you can park your RV for the night as well. Tampa is a great destination to just walk around and explore so think about what type of places you might be interested in seeing during your stay here!

Take Advantage of all the Free Things  

There are many free things to do in Tampa that are often overlooked by tourists. Tampa is a great destination for travelers, but so many people come with the misconception that everything there will cost them money when they can actually go and enjoy themselves on a budget! One fan-favorite free destination is Bayshore Boulevard, which has beautiful views of Tampa Bay and provides plenty of places to stop along the way such as Harry A’s Oyster Bar or Tampa Smoked BBQ.

Another free activity you could enjoy would be going to an AMC theater at Veterans 24 where movies all showings start at $0.00! You can also go to the Clearwater Beach Pier or Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.

Some of these free activities are more than worth a visit when you come to Tampa, but there are also many other easy ways to have fun without spending any money. You could take advantage of the Tampa Bay History Center which is open every day from 12 pm-12 am! It features interactive exhibits with life-size replicas such as The Cigar Bar or 1920s Dance Hall.

There really is something for everyone in Tampa whether it be an amusement park, museum, outdoor garden, or restaurant that will keep them entertained and on a budget! In Tampa visitors can enjoy themselves while still sticking to their travel goals like not going over their monthly entertainment allowance. Plus if they’re looking for Tampa Bay vacation rentals there are many to choose from for any and all needs!

Here’s a list of free things you can do around this town:

  • Tampa Bay History Center 
  • Clearwater Beach Pier 
  • Tampa Smoked BBQ 
  • Tampa Smoked BBQ 
  • Harry A’s Oyster Bar  
  • Tampa Bay History Center 
Tampa on a Budget

Visit the Florida Aquarium  

The Florida Aquarium is Tampa’s most popular attraction and a definite must-see.  It also offers visitors an opportunity to experience Tampa on a budget with its Tuesday and Thursday admission discounts of only $15 for adults, which includes all-day access! Both Florida residents and tourists will enjoy seeing the aquarium with more than 300 species in habitats ranging from river otters to manatees.

The Aquarium features themed exhibits such as Shark Lagoon, Sea Cliffs, Bayou Gardens, and Caribbean Reef that allow you to explore different parts of marine life up close while providing educational information along the way. On any given day there are dozens of feeding presentations happening so you can learn about animals like sharks or jellyfish firsthand. The outdoor Pier 66 section even features a touch tank where Tampa Bay’s native species like the horseshoe crab, manatee, and sea sponges can be directly experienced.

Eat at One of the Many Local Restaurants 

Getting a cheap, but good meal is one of the best ways to keep your Tampa trip affordable. Tampa has many local restaurants that offer specials throughout the day, so you’ll never be left hungry or broke! A popular place is The Original Cuban Sandwich Company, which offers a lunch special for $12 per person and includes an entree served with rice pilaf, pinto beans, sweet plantain banana chips, and a choice of soup or salad.

There are many more Tampa restaurants that offer specials, including Tampa Bay Brewing Company which offers a $13 lunch special from 11:30 am-12 pm. Tampa Bay Brewing Company also offers happy hour discounts every day from noon to six pm!

This is just one of many local places you can visit while in Tampa without breaking the bank. Check out some other popular Tampa establishments with inexpensive lunches or daily deals for food and drinks below! 

Go to Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is one of Tampa’s most iconic and loved attractions. With five themed areas, you’ll never be bored! A Tampa vacation wouldn’t be complete without a day trip to the park, so plan out your days accordingly.

Tickets are $124 and up, but Tampa Bay residents can get discounted tickets through the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Tampa Bay Lightning offers a limited-time offer for just $49! In order to purchase these discount tickets, you’ll need to present your valid Florida driver’s license or ID card at Busch Gardens Tampa Ticket Windows. This is a great way to enjoy some amazing attractions on a budget while in Tampa! 

Check out the Tampa Museum of Art

The art museum in Tampa is a great place to go if you’re looking for some culture and art. It’s located on the first floor of the Safety Building, which has been standing since 1927, so it will provide an interesting experience to those who have never seen this type of architecture before.

The museum offers free admission during their opening hours with special events costing as little as $15-$20 per ticket. There are also lectures that happen throughout every month that cost about $30 each or less depending on how many days they last and what other types of exhibitions are happening at the same time.

Tampa on a Budget

Tampa is a beautiful city with so much to offer. If you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to enjoy yourself while visiting, you should skip the hotels and go with an RV while taking advantage of all the free things that are waiting for you in Florida. If not free, there are also some cheap destinations worth visiting, while local restaurants are the best ways to save on food. Have a nice vacation!

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