Being the Other Woman is Not OK


For the women sleeping with another woman’s husband, it’s not OK.

So your husband had an affair. That pill can be hard to swallow. You’re angry, upset, hurt, disappointed, infuriated, and pissed off—so many words to describe how you may feel right now. And then there’s the other woman. You’re also mad at her for sleeping with your husband. What happened to the girl code of, “We don’t go there?” Apparently, you didn’t get the memo on that one, McCall, Erika, Britney, Kayla, Amber, Chelsea, Whitney, etc.

Back in the day when I was growing up, the only conversation we had with married men was, “Hello, how are your wife and family?” not “Hello, when can we hook up?” It’s become the norm for women (and men) to sleep with other people’s partners in today’s society. When did this become the norm? When did we say this was okay? How do people like this look in the mirror knowing that the man, or woman, they are sleeping with belongs to someone else?

And more importantly, how can that man (or woman) come home to their family knowing they did wrong.

Being the Other Woman is Not Ok

Cheating can ruin many things:

The feelings of the wife (or husband). There are no words to describe how a woman feels after finding out her husband slept with someone else. She can no longer trust her husband, and many times this is enough for a spouse to walk away.

Lives are affected.

Not only does the wife get hurt, but the children may also be affected by this. There’s pain, embarrassment, and potential gossip the family will endure. Cheating on a partner may lead to a period of separation and divorce. Think of how a child must feel knowing their Mom or Dad left them for another family?

Distrust between husband and wife.

The victim can no longer trust their partner. This bond has been broken, and it can be hard to rekindle.

Being the Other Woman is Not OK

How does it feel to know you may be the cause of a divorce? What does it feel like to know that he will never truly be yours and that you are just another Taylor Swift song? For a mistress, you may think the wife is the stupid one. But you are being played as well. The only person who has it going their way in all of this is the husband. He gets to have his cake and eat it too (until it’s all gone and he has to deal with the mess he created). He is lying to you, telling you he will leave his wife and kids, but you and I both know that’s not going to happen. And even if he did leave his wife? You are the side chick that will easily be replaced because he’s done it before to a family that meant the world to him. So who are you? Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, etc., are always going to be spent with the family; you will come after that.

For a side chick, this would not be a pleasant life to live. Some women enjoy being the side chick and purposely helping to wreck marriages. The blame starts with the man. But if you, as a woman, know you are messing with a married man, why would you continue pursuing it? How would you feel if the tables were turned on you? Women that can put aside their morals, the girl code, and all the red signs of pursuing a married man expose how little they value themselves. Is your self-worth that low that you would stoop to being with someone who’s already involved with someone else instead of finding your own? Do you not think that you’re capable of finding your own?

Being the Other Woman is Not OK

I find it hard to sympathize with someone who thinks they’re “in love” with another’s partner. Love takes time to grow, and during that time, you might have found out that he had a family, so why continue your relationship? You wouldn’t go into a department store and steal the clothing off the racks, so why would you take someone that belongs to someone else? Life is short, and there is someone out there for you, just not that one!

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