7 Awe-Inspiring Things To See The Next Time You’re In Egypt

Egypt is considered to be one of the oldest travel destinations on earth, as it has been a country with iconic marvels for a long period of time. Although it is mostly known for its pyramids, which are a sight that should absolutely be visited, there are plenty of other different attractions to see on your travels. Here are just a few of the many amazing places and awe-inspiring things to see in Egypt. 


The town of Aswan is located along the southern bank of the Nile river, surrounded by the scenery around the Nile as well as sand dunes and idyllic islands. This is a great place to relax along the water’s edge as you take a break from the educational and historical activities. Of course, Aswan still provides plenty of cultural and ancient importance whilst on your journey of exploration through the temples of Philae and Kabasha, as well as the botanical island. If you are open to taking a journey, a trip to Abu Simbel is a large temple complex with many carvings and statues etched on the interior and exteriors of its walls. 


In the northeastern part of Egypt, Cairo is located alongside the Nile River. It is considered to be the largest city in the Arab world, bringing together modern and historical living. There are skyscrapers that run throughout the metropolis, while historical sites and monuments still populate the city areas. If you wish to experience more education regarding its rich history, visit the National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations, which explores the history of the country. Be sure to visit the Cairo Tower, from where you will be able to see the palaces, mosques, and markets you’d like to visit next.

Pyramids Of Giza

While you are in Egypt, you cannot forget the pyramids of Giza. These iconic ruins are in fact tombs that pharaohs built to cement their legacy for the world to see. The pyramids are considered to be one of the wonders of the world, which should be a key starting point for any Egypt tour that you plan to take.  Although Egypt is home to many monuments and even more pyramids, Giza is famous for its architectural marvels.

Luxor Temples

The city of Luxor is a destination that cannot be missed when traveling through Egypt. It can possibly be considered the most historical place on earth due to the fact that it is home to civilizations and monuments that are several thousand years old. There are many temples surrounding the city to explore and visit, with the Valleys of Kings and Queens nearby. If you want a unique experience that will leave a permanent mark on your memories, take a hot air balloon ride within the city as well.

Temple Of Horus In Edfu

Edfu is located just west of the Nile river and is known for the Temple of Horus. This temple is one of the best-preserved monuments of ancient Egypt, paying respect to one of its most important gods. Horus was seen as a protector of several regions, and its temples marked a way to praise and give thanks to him. You will recognize him quite uniquely as he appears to have a falcon head, which can be seen on many sculptures and hieroglyphics. 

Mount Sinai

One of the most popular sites in Egypt is Mount Sinai. The reason for its popularity is that it is speculated to have been the place where Moses received the ten commandments from God. Although there is little archaeological evidence to support this theory, the mountain remains a popular tourist site and pilgrimage location. It is also home to one of the longest-running Greek Orthodox monasteries in the world. 

The White Desert

The White Desert is a unique national park that is unlike any other park in the world. It gains its name from the white calcium rock formations that have grown over time, being shaped for millions of years by wind and sand. The White Desert was once under water and is considered to be more ancient than the pyramids and temples that are marveled at by visitors regularly. The experiences in the white desert are unique from the city tours, as you get to appreciate the stars at night with little interference from the city. You should also take part in desert activities that include sandboarding or even off-road driving. 

In Conclusion

Traveling through Egypt is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. It is a unique blend of cultural education and experiences that are unlike any other. With so much to do, planning your trip around a few key landmarks will ensure you have a memorable time.

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