Best Places To Visit In Egypt With Family


Egypt is the world’s oldest tourist destination, with a rich history dating back to the start of civilization. The awe-inspiring temples and pyramids of this African kingdom have captivated visitors for thousands of years. 

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Although most visitors come to Egypt to see the historic sites, the country’s natural beauties also entice visitors. Coral reefs and beach resorts are popular along the Red Sea coast. Visitors can find a delightful freshwater spring oasis on a walk through the Sahara. 

Tourists have departed Egypt in considerable numbers after the 2011 revolution and the continuing counter-revolution. This has opened up the possibility of having unique experiences in Egypt sans the throngs. Get the Egypt Airline tickets with your family and go explore the great pyramids and other fascinating tourist attractions. Or choose to have an all-inclusive luxury Egypt experience by trusting an Egyptian travel company to arrange the most unique luxury cultural and archaeological tours throughout Egypt with knowledgeable Egyptian guides.

Best Places To Visit In Egypt

1. Giza Necropolis 

The Giza Plateau is perhaps one of the most well-known places on the planet. Giza, which is located on a desert plateau west of Cairo, is its own city, but it has grown so much in recent years that it feels like another district of the ever-expanding Cairo. 

Giza, which was once only a dusty carriage route, is today one of Egypt’s most touristic areas, with fancy hotels, big-name restaurants, massive retail complexes, and throbbing nightclubs. But, most notably, Giza is the district nearest to the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, which is why most visitors to Cairo spend at least a few days in this area. 

Giza’s three great pyramids were erected as graves for three Egyptian pharaohs: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. As a site to bury their wives and royal family members, a scattering of satellite pyramids were erected in the vicinity. 

If you’re willing to pay extra, you can see the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). Alternatively, you may ride a camel into the desert and snap a shot with all of the pyramids in the backdrop before riding to the Sphinx for the famous tourist shot of the Sphinx kissing the Sphinx. 

Don’t miss the Pyramids Sound and Light Show if you’re staying near Giza for the night. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but it’s a fantastic way to see the Great Pyramid in a new light. While tickets to the official light display are required, you may view both the sunset and the spectacle for free if you have supper on the adjoining Pizza Hut’s balcony. 

2. Dahshur

Dahshur is a little hamlet south of Cairo with several lesser-known, less-crowded pyramids; you won’t find the gigantic lines you’d anticipate at the Giza or Saqqara complexes here. It was, in reality, a restricted military zone until 1996. 

Dahshur, like Saqqara, was part of Memphis’ ancient necropolis. In Dahshur, the same king who erected the Great Pyramid erected two additional full pyramids. Many more pharaohs erected their own pyramids here throughout the years, bringing the total number of pyramids to 11, but none of them could compare to the originals. 

The uniquely formed Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, both built during the time of Pharaoh Sneferu, are highlights (2613-2589 BC). Because it has no stairs or bends, the Red Pyramid (also known as the North Pyramid) is considered Egypt’s earliest real pyramid. 

Another site to behold at the foot of the Bent Pyramid is Amenemhat III’s Black Pyramid. It isn’t open to the public, and it isn’t really a pyramid; rather, it’s a strange-looking pile of black rock. 

3. Sharm el-Sheikh 

Sharm el-sheik, located near the point of the Sinai Peninsula, is one of Egypt’s most popular vacation cities. Sharm (as it’s commonly known) is a popular package holiday resort with its own airport and warm, deep blue seas, and excellent golden beaches. 

But there’s so much more to this quaint fishing community than sunbathing. Sharm el-sheik is known as the “City of Peace” because of the numerous international peace negotiations that have taken place here. It is also one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to snorkel or dive the spectacular reefs around Tiran Island and Ras Mohammed National Park, which are home to a diverse array of marine life. 

Despite its popularity as a fly-and-flop destination, those seeking adventure will find it here as well. The city of Sharm el-sheik, located on the peninsula’s southern point, provides easy access to the desert, where you can visit Bedouin settlements and climb Mount Sinai, an ancient biblical site noted for its breathtaking dawn views. 

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

4. Saqqara 

Saqqara is the name of an Egyptian settlement, but it also refers to an ancient necropolis with a smattering of huge and smaller satellite pyramids dispersed across a dry desert plateau. 

The Step Pyramid of Djoser, the world’s oldest pyramid, is the showpiece of Saqqara. When the gate is open, you may visit the top of this pyramid by a wooden ramp for some of the greatest views of the Nile. Try one of the numerous doors and investigate those that are unlocked; you never know what secrets await you beyond them. Two other must-sees are

the Pyramid of Teti with its interesting Pyramid Texts and the Mastaba of Ti with its amazing reliefs. 

5. Aswan 

Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost metropolis, is another large metropolis located along the Nile River’s banks. However, because of its location and size, it provides a far more relaxing alternative to the larger towns of Luxor and Cairo. 

Aswan itself offers one of Egypt’s most enticing landscapes. The Nile’s First Cataract, the first of a series of shallow white water rapids separated by rocky islands that stretches north to Khartoum, is overlooked by granite cliffs. It was formerly the entrance to Africa in ancient Egypt, and now it is home to a substantial Nubian community. The Nubian Museum, which is packed with riches and artifacts that were saved from the Nubian flood, can tell you more about these people. 

Aswan is known for its granite quarries, which were used to construct several of Luxor’s obelisks. Some of these incomplete obelisks may still be seen in Aswan today, such as the world’s biggest known ancient obelisk, which stands over 40 meters tall and is located in the city’s south.

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