Almost Wordless Wednesday: Me and My Krxssy

Today is Wednesday which means that today is the day that I do my Almost Wordless Post. I can never do wordless which is why it’s called Almost Wordless.

I want to highlight someone today though that means a lot to me. I might only have her for a couple months more before she goes off to college. I am so going to miss her. She makes me laugh and I can’t believe that she’s going to be gone soon. It’s my big sister Krxssy! You’ve already met my brothers so now you get a chance to meet my sister.

Krxssy has always been there for me since day 1 and has always been my first love when it comes to my siblings. The boys are annoying but Krxssy is the best. We get pedicures done together and I love being in her room watching her do what big sisters do best. I even try and be like her.

Me at 3 1/2 weeks old with my big sister
Me at 8 months old with my sissy
Me at 19 months old with my Krxssy

Krxssy loves makeup, racing video games, reading and is also an aspiring blogger. She wants to be a journalist working for a fashion magazine when she “grows up”. If you haven’t checked out her blog you can do so here.  She might even have a giveaway waiting for you.

Do you have a sibling that you’re really close with? If they are not close by what do you miss most about them?

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