70 Things You Can Do For Free Right Now

Looking for free things to do right now? I’ve got you covered!

Next time you think to yourself that you are bored or too broke to do anything fun, be sure to pop back and check out this list for great ideas on what to do without spending money. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied, either alone, while spending time with friends and family, or even some unique free date ideas to keep the fun in your relationship.

  1. Get outside and take a walk or go for a hike and get those steps in. Fresh air always does wonders for the soul.
  1. Sit in your backyard or on your porch and people watch. You can also do some people-watching at your local coffee shop, mall, or any other busy area.
  1. Go to your local library and check out some books, magazines, or even DVDs.
  1. Do some window shopping at your favorite stores… or even some of the stores you’ve never been to before.
  1. Take your dog for a walk or to the dog park. If you don’t have a dog, offer to walk your neighbor’s dog(s).
  1. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, a food bank, or anywhere that could use an extra pair of hands.
  1. Give blood if you are able to.
  1. Call or video chat with a friend or family member who you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.
  1. Head to your nearest beach, lake, or river for a relaxing day in nature.
  1. Make a homemade picnic lunch and eat it in your favorite park.
  1. Go stargazing – lay down on the ground, look up, and dream about the universe. You can even download apps that will show you what constellations and planets are visible.
  1. Visit a nearby city that you’ve never been to before and explore all it has to offer.
  1. Take some time for yourself and do things that make YOU happy, whatever that may be!
  1. Use this as an opportunity to clean out your closet and donate clothes you no longer wear.
  1. Rearrange your furniture or redecorate your living space—it’s amazing what a new layout can do.
  1. Organize your home, your office, your closet, basically anything that could use a little TLC.
  1. Learn how to cook (or bake) something new.
  1. Have a movie marathon with all of your favorite films—you can make it into a theme (e.g., action movies, romantic comedies, etc.) or just watch whatever you feel like.
  1. Invite some friends over for a game night—there are so many great games out there that are perfect for large groups.
  1. Start making a list of things you want to do or places you want to travel to, and start planning your dream vacation(s).
  1. If you’re feeling creative, work on a project that you’ve been meaning to start… or finish.
  1. Have a dance party in your living room—crank up the music and let loose!
  1. Go through your old things and see if there’s anything you can sell online or at a yard sale. Hold a yard sale and make some extra cash – or just get rid of things you no longer need or want.
  1. Plant a garden – even if it’s just a few flowers in pots on your porch.
  1. Do some research and find free events happening in your area—there’s always something going on!
  1. Go for a bike ride or take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or a nearby park.
  1. Set up a lemonade stand (or any type of stand) and see how much money you can make in a day.
  1. Attend a free concert or musical performance in your city.
  1. Make a scrapbook or photo album with things you’ve been meaning to put together.
  1. Have a picnic in your living room—complete with all of your favorite snacks and drinks.
  1. Go on a nature walk and see how many different types of plants and animals you can find.
  1. Make a bucket list of things you want to do before you die—and start working on crossing things off the list.
  1. Write a letter (or several) to friends or family members that you don’t get to talk to as often as you’d like.
  1. Learn how to knit, crochet, or sew… or finish that project you’ve been working on forever.
  1. Go sightseeing in your own neighborhood or city—you’d be surprised at how much you miss when you’re just going about your everyday life.
  1. Play tourist for a day and visit all of the local landmarks and attractions that you usually take for granted.
  1. Make a homemade pizza or meal using only things that you already have in your pantry and fridge.
  1. Find a new trail to explore – whether it’s hiking, biking, or walking, there are always new places to discover.
  1. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood or city—you can even make it into a game with friends or family.
  1. Get together with some friends and have a potluck dinner where everyone brings their favorite dish.
  1. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and reflect on all the good in your life.
  1. Participate in a free class or workshop at your local community center or library.
  1. Do a puzzle—it’s a great way to take your mind off of things and just relax.
  1. Go through your old photos and reminisce about good times from the past.
  1. Clean out your gutters, wash your windows, or do any other household chores that you’ve been putting off.
  1. Organize all of your digital photos—it’s always nice to have everything in one place and easy to access.
  1. Learn how to do something new, like a magic trick, playing an instrument, or a new language.
  1. Make a vision board of things you want to accomplish in the near future or long-term goals you have for yourself.
  1. Have a bonfire in your backyard (or go to a local park) and make s’mores or just relax under the stars.
  1. Have a themed party with friends—you can dress up, have decorations, and make it as over-the-top as you want.
  1. Volunteer your time at a local charity or non-profit organization; there are always people who need help, and it’s a great way to give back to your community.
  1. If you’re a student, tutor someone who needs help in your subject area.
  1. Read a book that’s outside of your comfort zone or genre that you normally read.
  1. Visit family or friends that you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.
  1. Grab your camera or cellphone and take some photos of things around you – you never know when you’ll capture a great shot.
  1. Paint a picture, work on a sculpture, or any other type of art that interests you.
  1. Do a home spa day and treat yourself to a facial, manicure, pedicure, or massage.
  1. Visit a flea market or garage sale and see what kinds of interesting things you can find.
  1. Make homemade greeting cards for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.
  1. Learn how to meditate; it’s a great way to relax and de-stress.
  1. Do something nice for someone else – whether it’s holding the door open, picking up trash, or just giving a compliment.
  1. Curl up with a good blanket and relax – it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.
  1. If you have kids, spend some quality time playing with them – it’s always nice to just relax and have fun without worrying about anything else.
  1. Give yourself a makeover: try a new hairstyle, change up your makeup routine, or buy some new clothes.
  1. Learn how to play chess, poker, or any other game that you’ve always wanted to know how to play.
  1. Wash your car by hand instead of going through a drive-through car wash.
  1. Fly a kite on a windy day.
  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise – it’s a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature.
  1. Write in a journal. It’s a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out.
  1. Repurpose something unwanted into something new and interesting—you can even do it with clothes, furniture, or décor.
  1. Take some time for yourself and just relax or simply take a nap—you deserve it!

In Conclusion,

There you have it – 70 things you can do for free right now. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring, learning, and having fun!

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