10 Old School Board Games You Should Have on Your Shelf

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Every family needs a well-stocked supply of board games! Especially the old-school board games that we grew up on!

A few days ago, my good friend Christine and I were chatting about the games we played as kids. Now with our mandated quarantine, we’re spending a lot more time indoors with the family entertaining ourselves. It was then I remembered that about 3 years ago, I started this post, and while it was completed, I never got around to adding photos to it. She also mentioned that she also started a post of her own, incorporating both board games and outdoor games, so we decided that we’d go live together so you can have the best of both worlds.

While there are loads of new games released every year, the classic old school board games are still some of the most fun. They will bring back childhood memories as you create new memories with your own children. Whether you are planning a family game night or you’re looking to build your collection to be ready for the next rainy day, here are some fabulous old school board games that you should have on your shelf.

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In the old school classic game of Risk, players build their own armies and take over the world. This is an excellent game for those who love strategic thinking.


Monopoly is often where everyone’s head goes first when they think of old school board games. Games can be long and get pretty heated as people buy up real estate around the board, but they’re oh so much fun. There are many variations of this classic, including an electronic version, one for kids, and even those based on popular tv shows. It’s also the one game that you may want to reconsider if you have family members who hate losing. I’m always being called a cheater whenever our family plays as I almost always win!

Monopoly Old School Board Game


In this head-to-head game of Mastermind, one player creates a color code, and their opponent tries to break it. Sharpen your logic and reasoning skills while having some fun with a friend. Mastermind has been touted as one of the best selling games of all time and teaches STEM and STEAM principles like deductive reasoning and logic.


In Sequence, the object is to collect and play the right cards to be the first to create a line of five chips on the board, while blocking your opponent’s moves. This classic game can be played one-on-one or in teams. This game is recommended for STEM play and is quite a lot of fun as it’s easy enough for children to play, but still challenging for adults. It’s excellent for large families as up to 12 players can play at the same time.

Sequence Classic Board Game


Rummikub is played much like the classic card game but instead is played with tiles. Collect sets and runs until you use up all the tiles in your hand. Such a fun choice for family game night!


In The Game of Life, you choose your career path, buy a home, decide to get married, and drive your tiny little peg children around in your car. In the end, if you have the most money, you’ll be declared the winner.

The Game of Life Board Game


Parcheesi is the American version of the Royal Game of India. Race around the board, capture other players, block their paths, and find your way home in this game that has been beloved for generations.


Scrabble is a fantastic crossword game for players of all ages. Little ones can work on their spelling skills, while the older set can have a fierce competition to get the highest score with high valued words.

Scrabble Old School Board Game


Everyone loves classic dice game, Yahtzee! You have just 13 turns to roll the right combinations and fill each of the boxes on your scorecard to get the highest score. The player with the highest score wins.


The game of Sorry is played by drawing cards to move around the board and bring all of your tokens into the home space. You’ll have fun saying “Sorry” as you bump your opponents back to start!

Sorry Old School Board Game

Now there are a few more that I can also list, such as Trouble, Guess Who?, OperationConnect 4, Clue, Chutes and Ladders, Battleship, and even Candyland for the younger ones in the household. All fun old school board games that you should have on your shelf.

There are so many amazing classic games that you can add to your collection and recreate your childhood memories with your family. Give a few of these a try or go searching for some of your own classic favorites.

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This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you.
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