How to Travel When You Can’t Travel

How can you travel when you can’t travel? Sounds a bit confusing, right? Currently, we’re under quarantine, and many of us, including myself, have had to cancel travel plans due to the pandemic going on worldwide.

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Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, part-time or full-time, when you’re used to being in the air, or maybe even traveling by car, it can be frustrating being grounded. I’ve had to cancel 4 of my travel plans with another on the verge of cancelation as well. However, sitting at home not only leaves me bored, but feelings of wanderlust are setting in as well. So how can you travel when you can’t travel as you’d like? Here are just a few ideas on how you can do so alternatively.

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Much of my inspiration for my next travel location comes from movies, believe it or not. While I do follow a few travel influencers on Instagram and enjoy looking at their photos, many of the images that we see are not only edited and staged but aren’t really what you can expect when you visit these locations.

I enjoy watching travel movies or movies inspired by different locales, especially when between travel. They give me an idea of where I’d love to visit next, what to see, and even do. Just imagine yourself there and think about how amazing it will be when you genuinely do get there. Turn off all distractions and just engross yourself in the film. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Instagram is a wanderluster’s dream. Finding inspiration for your next travel adventure is never far away. While I mentioned that many of the photos are usually staged or photoshopped, quite a lot aren’t. You can get an idea of where you’d love to visit next. Using hashtags is a great way to look at different locations or even ways you can get the kids to have fun while traveling, while in a particular country.

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With the uncertainty of travel, as in no-one knows when the pandemic will end, it doesn’t hurt to looking into places that you’re excited about and planning to travel there in the distant future. Remember, travel doesn’t have to mean international travel either. You can look up flight information, how much it will cost, and even begin to start planning a trip. Planning a trip is very different from booking one. Look into activities to do while there, along with excursions. It’s usually the best part of my travel as I enjoy planning an itinerary. It doesn’t hurt to dream about your plans.

Generally, before I visit a location, I would purchase a book about the locale, so that I can learn as much as I can about the places I go to, and also do my research. That way, I’m confident about my arrival. I generally know how far away from the airport my hotel would be, the cost of transport,what I want to eat, etc. That way, there’s never a surprise.

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One of my good friends just got back from Morrocco, while we’ve been to Dubai. We’ve been able to have in-depth conversations about both cities, me because I’d love to visit Morrocco and she Dubai. We’ve been able to share stories, reliving our adventures, and remembering how it felt to be there while we were both able to travel. Now, this only works if the other person you’re talking to is really interested in what you have to say, or they’re excited to learn more. So find a travel buddy and share travel stories.


While many states are under quarantine, or you’ve been warned to stay indoors. For those who can get out, just go outside and take a drive. There is no need to get out of your car, and you’ll be observing the social distancing rules. There is so much more in your own backyard than you may even realize. Experience your hometown with brand new eyes and appreciate the beauty around you. When it’s all over, walk the trails, climb the hills and learn the history of your town. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll see and learn.

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When it’s all over, you’ll be able to get out and do what you enjoy doing best, but for now that you can’t get out and travel as much as you’d like, we hope these ideas will get your travel gears turning.

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