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OK I admit that as a toddler the TV is the worst place to put me when you’re not doing anything. There are so much commercials on TV and once I see something the first words to come out of my mouth is “I WANT THAT!”. Yeah I admit it, I’ve said it to almost every commercial that comes on and the advertisers just know how to reel me in. They come on just when I’m sitting down to watch my favorite shows and oh they look really good too. Mommy on the other hand don’t get caught up with TV commercials. I’ve never once heard her say “I want that” but deep down I think she does. Well one of the products that I’ve been saying that I wanted just happened to be the new Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy. Imagine my surprise when I got an email from SpinMaster asking if I would love to have my very own puppy. Did you really think I was going to say no?

SpinMaster is know for their interactive toys including the Zoomer Puppy and Zoomer Dino and has won multiple national parenting publication awards. That just speaks for itself.

Currently there are 4 delightful Zoomer Zuppies (from left to right clockwise above) Zuppy Roxy, Scarlet, Spot and Candy. Each Zoomer Zuppy has their own name, style and personality and just like a real puppy they love to play and will reward you with happy barks and panting noises. Roxy is the funky sweet and totally upbeat Zuppy, Scarlet is the artsy, edgy, glam rock Zuppy,  Spot is the quirky, funny and game-playing Zuppy and Candy is the sweet and sparkly pink Zuppy.

I was sent Zoomer Zuppy Roxy and when I opened my brown shipping package I was happy to see that she came in a really cool dog house. Now I have somewhere to store her when I’m not playing with her. After all zuppies need their sleep as much as toddlers do. Now inside my cute little dog house was my Zuppy Roxy. She was all ready and waiting for me to play but before I did that mommy had to insert 3AAA batteries inside of her. That’s right batteries are not included so be sure to have them on hand.

Now before I tell what my Zoomer Zuppy Roxy can do, let me go into a few details about her. She is not as big as her big brother Zoomer. She is however small enough for tiny hands and fits perfectly into your diaper bag for an outing to a playdate for example. While she in interactive, she doesn’t respond to voice commands but she does respond to touch and really enjoys it. Actually the more you give her hugs and cuddles the happier she becomes. She also doesn’t move on her own but has these wheels on the bottom of her feet that your little one would enjoy pushing around.

My Roxy just loves to play music. After all doesn’t she look cool with all her funky disco colors. Whenever you tap her nose or the button on her back she plays music. She loves playing song and you can have a dance party together. Pressing her nose and back buttons in different combinations activates different reactions and activities. You can change her instrument sounds from piano to guitar and back again.

(OK you may have noticed that I had to change my background for these next pics. My Roxy was totally matching and I wanted you to notice her and not my pretty background.)

Each Zuppy reacts to touch and when you wave your hand they respond to you. When you scratch Roxy’s chest you’ll hear happy barks and panting noises. Whenever I wave my hands right below her face she even plays music and her eyes light up.  Lightly stroking her head makes her happy and she makes cute puppy sounds. Now you can also play games with your Zuppy. Games such as Ping Pong and even Bop It. The more games you play the more happier Roxy becomes.

Each Zoomer Zuppy has infrared receivers so that they can detect and recognize each other. So if you have more than one they can totally play together. I’m thinking that I need to get Scarlet. She’s totally hip and oh so cool.

Now once play time is over I will put my Roxy in her house and there she stays until its time to play again. Unlike my own real life Gizmo who doesn’t like being in his dog house Roxy doesn’t seem to mind. I also don’t have to take Roxy for walks which is fine with me.

Now although Zoomer Zuppies are recommended for ages 5+, with adult supervision they can be given to much younger children. I know your little ones are going to love Zoomer Zuppy as much as I do and I give them my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Now check out the commercial that totally had me saying “I WANT THAT!”.

Zoomer Zuppies are currently available for purchase at Amazon, Kmart, Kohls, Target, ToysRUs and Walmart. Here are the ways to connect with Zoomer:

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