Will Hiring An Elder Abuse Attorney Help My Case?


Recently, there has been a great increase in elder abuse cases. It has been estimated that approximately 5 million US citizens aged 60 and older face some sort of elder abuse. 

An article stated that every 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 and older had faced some kind of elder abuse. Although there are many laws against elder abuse, many senior citizens have to face unacceptable behavior due to their vulnerable state.

How An Elder Abuse Attorney can Help your Case

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse laws are directed toward citizens aged 60 or older. Due to their age and mental conditions, people of an older age are vulnerable and susceptible to abuse. Elder abuse can be carried out by a caretaker or a person who is in contact with the elderly person. 

In this situation, the best course of action is to consult a trusted attorney, like a Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney. The right attorney will help make sure that the responsible person is punished. There are many laws against elder abuse, and a person who commits them is liable for penalties and punishment. Let’s have a look at some of the types of elder abuse. 


#1: Physical Abuse

This is the most commonly reported form of elder abuse. An elder is physically abused if they are physically harmed. Elderly people are more prone to physical assault because of their age. 

Physical abuse can result in injury, pain, illness, trauma, and, at times, even death. 

#2: Sexual Abuse

This can occur when an individual inappropriately acts toward an elder. It can include touching or any other form of physically inappropriate act. 

However, sexual abuse is not only limited to physical activity but extends to any form of sexual harassment. 

#3: Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be inflicted in multiple ways. This can be in the form of any kind of statement that curtails a hurtful attitude towards an elder. Any threatful statement made toward an elder is also counted as emotional abuse. 

#4: Isolation or Confinement

It is unlawful to isolate an elder other than for medical purposes. If any such activity is encountered that involves restraining or confining an elder without proper reason, then it is liable to take action against the situation. 

#5: Financial Abuse

This is another common form of elder abuse that is reported. Financial abuse can be the unauthorized spending of elders’ resources. This can also include pressuring an elder to spend their resources in distress or unwillingly. 

#6: Neglection 

If an elder is deprived of any of their essential needs, it can be reported under elder law. Of course, there can be an exception if the elder has willingly refused to meet such a need. But other than that, it is unlawful for a caretaker to neglect the needs of an elder. 

How can a Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney help?

Elder Abuse Attorney

There are many ways in which an elder abuse attorney can help if the situation arises. Let’s take a look at some ways in which an elder abuse attorney can be helpful.

#1: They will represent you legally

Due to their illness or another related issue, it can be hard for the elder to express themselves. Moreover, suffering from the trauma of abuse can make the whole process harder. An elder abuse attorney can help you in this regard. 

The attorneys are well aware of the law and can best analyze the situation. They will determine if any wrongful act occurred and how it can be presented to a court of law. They can also negotiate settlements or represent you at trial.

#2: Gather Sufficient Evidence

At times, it can be tricky to determine elder abuse. Since elders depend on people around them, caregivers can easily manipulate the situation. However, an attorney deals with such cases daily. They know the ins and outs of these situations and will determine signs of abuse. 

This will be an important step in making your case strong in front of the relevant authorities. 

#3: They will ensure you get Justice

 Just like any case, an elder abuse case needs solid fact-finding to ensure justice is provided to the elder. An attorney will make sure you have a strong case. They will do this by gathering all the relevant documents. They will also conduct the necessary depositions and testimonies. 

If a person was admitted to a care home or facility, they should also base their factual findings on their premises. All this will be crucial in building up your case and ensuring that you get justice. 

#4: Provide you a Free Consultation

The elder abuse lawyers at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath are dedicated to determining the best path for the case to help the elder abuse victims get justice and be fairly compensated. You can also get a free consultation with a  Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney by calling 561-655-1990.



Elder abuse cases are common, and often the culprits go unpunished. Hire a competent attorney like one from Boca Raton Elder Abuse Attorney to ensure elder abuse doesn’t go unpunished. In addition to making your case, an attorney will make sure you’re getting adequate care. These attorneys are well connected with the best medical professionals who can help you recover from trauma.

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