Keeping It Fresh: Why You Should Make Your Dog’s Diet Organic and Fresh

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We love our furry family members and only want the best for them. Unfortunately, some brand-name commercial dog foods are not the most nutritious solutions for their health. Just because a brand touts being all-natural does not mean it brings a holistic diet for your pet.

A proper, nutritious diet for your dog will involve a blend of vegetables and meats and little to no starches or grains. There should be no fillers, by-products, artificial chemicals, or preservatives. Food should also be fresh for the best flavor and nutrients.

Curious about why your dog’s diet should be fresh and organic? We can answer that!

Keeping It Fresh: Why You Should Make Your Dog’s Diet Organic and Fresh


The right amount of nutrients will help mitigate many disease symptoms. A diet with high-quality protein and rich antioxidants will help with common ailments. There are links between green, leafy vegetables, and lower rates of canine diseases like urinary bladder carcinomas.

For fresh ingredients, shop with reputable dealers to ensure healthy foods for your pet.


Sometimes our pets can start looking a little chunky. A proper, balanced diet is necessary to bring this back into balance. While some obesity issues are genetic, most result from lack of exercise and improper feeding patterns.

Commercial dog foods tend to be heavy on starches. These foods have inexpensive fillers that ultimately lead to weight gain.

Replacing these heavy foods with fresh, natural options will help battle weight issues without sacrificing flavor.


The dyes, preservatives, starches, and synthetic nutrients in commercial foods can take a toll on your pet’s health and may affect the lifespan of your pet. As your pet ages, natural ingredients can help battle the effects of aging. The benefits include increased longevity and improved quality of life.

Supporting the body with the right food is essential with age so that your pet can stay happy and healthy for years to come.


We always look for ways to keep our pets engaged and alert. A healthy diet will help with that by supporting cognitive function.

Research suggests pets put on an antioxidant-rich diet will have higher levels of cognitive function. It also can help slow cognitive decline. For younger dogs, a holistic diet will fuel alertness and learning.

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A healthy diet will assist in keeping the digestive system clear and clean. You will see a well-formed stool that reflects the healthy system.

Surprisingly, a healthy digestive system also means better sleeping habits for your pet. If your pet has trouble sleeping, frequently wakes up with heavy breathing, sighing, and switching positions, it will be an indicator of an upset GI tract.

The right ingredients will be essential to helping rest become restorative.


Skin conditions are quite common in pets. It can be anything from scabs and rashes to itching.

You can treat scaly and itchy skin with reaction-reducing steroids and cortisone shots, but both of these have side effects. Commercial dog food can take away from healthy oils and fats that help keep a coat moisturized and lustrous.

A new, natural diet can help combat scratching, shedding, itching, and dry skin. It will keep your dog’s coat healthy, happy, and shiny.


Even pets suffer from allergies that can be difficult to alleviate. The allergies can sometimes arise from additives, artificial colors, and artificial flavorings.

Organic food will help address allergies and keep your pet healthy.

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The Bottom Line

Your pet relies on you for everything, and you want to give them the best. The “best” starts with the food you provide. Ensure this is the most nutritious and healthy food for your pet by providing organic and fresh food.

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