10 Places that Make Cape Cod a Favorite Spot for Travelers

Enjoying the summer season on a beautiful Island or a beach is the dream of many, but for that, you must find the ideal spot. You don’t want your vacations ruined just because you picked a location in haste or without research. Therefore, if you plan to spend your summers somewhere beautiful and exotic, try out Cape Cod. It’s a beautiful place with several tourist spots.

This amazing place is full of farmland, sandy beaches, and scenic beauty. Moreover, it has several art galleries and antique shops, making it even more exquisite. Nothing can be more exciting than spending the summer season in this sophisticated yet lively place.   

Why is Cape Cod the Perfect Tourist Destination?

Cape Cod stretches over 65 miles into the Atlantic Ocean and provides tourists with more land to explore. The place is rich in culture and history, making it even more desirable to visit. So when you book the Cape Cod hotels, make sure they are near to all the main attractions like:

1. Nantucket 

It is a 15-mile-long island very near Cape Cod. In the past, it was famous for being a whaling center and now caters to hundreds of tourists daily. People visit the area due to its extravagant beaches and miles of cycling paths. Moreover, you find multiple boutiques and restaurants nearby. The food in this place is mouth-watering.

Along with various physical activities, you can also visit historic attractions like the sea captain’s mansion. Several places in Nantucket will keep you occupied. For example:

  • Sites relating to Maria Mitchell, the first female professional astronomer in America
  • Nantucket’s lifesaving museum
  • Hinchman House Natural History Museum

The best part is you won’t need to arrange for personal transport because all the attractions are nearby. You can take a ferry or rent a bicycle. It will allow you to explore the area in a better way. Even walking is a feasible option because the weather is always pleasant.

2. Cape Cod Winery in East Falmouth

Everyone loves to taste fine wine, and you cannot get better quality drinks than in Cape Cod’s wineries. The winery in East Falmouth has over nine different varieties of wine. You can order all kinds of red and white vines and much more.

It is a popular destination due to its climate, rich soil, and excellent wine which you can enjoy with tasty seafood.

Sit outside, enjoy the sunset and take as many Instagram pictures as you want because it serves as a drop-dead gorgeous background. Once you visit the area, you will not want to come back.

3. Dennis Port

A vacation is incomplete without visiting the exotic beaches of Denis Port located within the exotic town of Dennis. The town has 13,885 residents and lots of places to visit. The West Dennis Beach on Davis Beach Road is the most popular of all. It has a beach stretching for more than a mile. You can easily find a parking spot for your car and enjoy your entire day.

Most tourists enjoy flying kites or windsurfing in this zone. If you have kids, do take them to this beach. They can spend time collecting sea shells or playing on the swings in the nearby playground. 

4. Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod has multiple attractions, but nothing can beat the natural beauty of the National seashore. It is a protected area located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA, and has remained unchanged throughout history.

The beautiful land has golden-colored sand and thick woodlands. You can find conifers, white cedar, and various other types of trees.

Along with this, there are smooth hiking trails everywhere. If you plan a summer trip, don’t miss out on the chance of walking on these trails. It will be a wonderful experience and won’t cost you anything.

The locals of Cape Cod national seashore have created park ranger programs, especially for visitors. After signing for it, you can opt for various activities, like:

  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling
  • Canoeing

So you won’t need to plan any activities in your resort because there are several things to keep you occupied all day long.

5. Wellfleet

Another captivating place in Cape Cod is Wellfleet which is famous for its oysters. You can’t find more delicious oysters anywhere else. It is next to the National Seashore and has extensive art galleries and a lovely drive-in theatre. You can swim around the seashore, surf, or enjoy the sunlight.

6. Cape Cod Rail Trail

While roaming around Cape Cod, check out the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It was first a railroad with train services in the mid-19th Century. However, later the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation changed it into a rail trail in the 1970s.

This recreation path is the best one. If you have plans to cycle around or walk a few miles, no area would be more suitable.

The trial extends from South Dennis to Wellfleet. While on the path, you will cross cities like Harwich, Brewster, and Orleans. You can enjoy the natural landscape and breathe fresh air.

This area is heavily occupied by cyclists but an unpaved patch is also available for horseback riders. Once you are done with cycling or jogging, you can find numerous food stalls to refresh yourself.

7. Provincetown

Provincetown is another New England town situated at the tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, in the USA. It has a population of 3,664, but the numbers increase in the summertime.

The place is known as a transportation hub because you find fast ferries, buses, and even air service. Apart from its shuttle services, the town has beautiful gardens and pathways to walk around.

If you want to fall in love with a place, this is it. Nothing can be more magnificent and captivating than the scenery in Provincetown.

8. Truro

Cape Cod isn’t only famous for its vast beaches and epic scenery, but it is also known for its landscape. One of the places on Cape Cod with forested landscapes and rugged shorelines is Truro. It is the shining star of the area.

You must visit the Truro Vineyards while enjoying your time. From chardonnay to zinfandel and cabernet franc, you get all the variety in one place.

9. Harwich

Harwich, the New town with a population of 13,440 people is located in Barnstable County in the state of Massachusetts in the United States. It is a famous spot for spending your holidays. From music festivals to enjoying exquisite art, there is so much you can plan to do over here.

The summertime festival is an experience of a lifetime. You can get to know about different cultures and interact with a variety of people. Instead of wasting your time on beaches or hotel rooms, opt for this fun place.

10. Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy neck beach is known for its seclusion. If you love the beach and want to travel southward inland, nothing is more suitable than this destination. You will find colorful stones to collect and take pictures around.

Moreover, the beach has ample walking space. It would be a great plan to take your family and enjoy a good outdoor game with them.

In Conclusion

Before planning a vacation in another country, note the areas you can visit. If you want to have a splendid holiday, Cape Cod is an ideal choice. You will find dozens of beaches, hiking trails, and luxurious hotels. It’s an all-in-one package, and no other tourist spot can be so fulfilling. 

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