What You Need to Know About Urban Gardening

What You Need to Know About Urban Gardening

 Urban areas are known as concrete jungles with little to no vegetation. Urban gardening is the process by which you can grow plants in an urban landscape.

Small living spaces are the norm in the city so urban gardening involves making use of spaces for gardening that would otherwise go unused. As long as you have a balcony or a window, you can do urban gardening.

On the other hand, urban gardening is much more than placing potted plants in a space in your apartment. There is actually a lot of detail that goes into urban gardening.

The following are crucial things you should know about urban gardening:

What You Need to Know About Urban Gardening


Every plant on the planet requires sunshine if it is to grow to be healthy and fruitful. Even though you will be doing your gardening in a small space, you should ensure that your plants get adequate sunlight. Six to eight hours of sunlight a day is sufficient for most plants. Therefore, you should try and do your gardening in a place that receives a sufficient amount of sunlight.

It may include putting your plants on any outdoor space you have even as little as a window sill. If you have a window that lets in sufficient sunlight, it can also be a good choice.


Another crucial factor in urban gardening unless you have an acre of land is space management. You will need to find efficient uses of space if you are going to do adequate gardening.

It may involve making use of unusual spaces such as walls and repurposing other spaces like the balcony to accommodate for gardening. In some cases, it may involve removing other objects to make room for your plants.

Creating various levels is a great way to create space for plants in your garden. The key in this regard is to be creative as there is always space to take advantage of gardening.


When you decide to get into urban gardening, one of the first things for which you should account is equipment. Since you have limited space and live in the city, you will use equipment to make gardening possible. As seen at Harper’s Nurseries, there are many pieces of equipment you will require depending on your gardening needs. The larger the garden, the more gear you will probably need.

There are indispensable pieces of equipment such as pots, shovels, watering cans, and scissors that you will need whereas others are for more advanced gardening. However, do not invest too much in equipment until your garden is relatively developed.

What You Need to Know About Urban Gardening


A grave mistake that most people make when it comes to urban gardening is assuming that any plant can grow in the city. If you want a thriving urban garden, you will have to make your choice of plants very wisely.

It is especially important to choose plants that thrive in an urban environment. These will typically include plants that do not require a lot of maintenance, sunlight, or water.

The plants should also make efficient use of the space even when they grow. A good example would be a plant that hugs the wall and grows upwards.


There are currently many solutions as far as urban gardening and farming is concerned including hydroponics. However, the soil is still the preferable ingredient in which to grow plants even in the city.

Plants that have shallow roots need at least six inches of soil to thrive. Those with deeper roots will need at least a foot of soil to grow to their full potential.

You can get potting soil which is slightly different than regular soil but ideal for housing potted plants. Potting soil is lighter and drains water better than other alternatives.


As long as you are growing plants, whether in the city or an industrial farm, you have to consider drainage. It is especially important to consider drainage in urban farming because the water will be dripping and flooding a very limited space. It also cannot be absorbed into the ground.

Even when watering potted plants, water can escape if there is a hole or crack in the pot. It is particularly so if you are using potting soil.

Therefore, it is crucial that you locate your garden in an area that drains easily and where the water drainage will not affect other vital household items such as electronics. 

What You Need to Know About Urban Gardening

There is much to consider and to know about urban gardening. The above points are only basic elements of urban gardening. You should keep educating yourself on the subject and the more you know, the more your garden will thrive.

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