How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Class

Wondering what to wear to your first pole dancing class? Here’s a guide on how to prepare and what to bring with you!

How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Class

It is only natural that you want to know what you are getting in the deal before heading out to your first pole dance class precisely. Introverted people might find the prospect of learning pole dance to be intimidating for an activity so blatantly meant for extroverts as pole dance.

Different people get their inspiration for learning this skill from various and diverse sources. One common reason is that it serves as an alternative fitness activity. People losing their strength training motivation might consider pole dancing as an alternative with similar health benefits.

Pole dancing is still a somewhat “exotic” fitness activity, but many people find it great help both physically and mentally. Accordingly, there are plenty of pole dancing converts who swear by the same health and well-being effects. To put it simply, they love pole dancing.

Suppose you are about to start taking classes on this particular activity. The following pointers will help ensure that you get off to a flying start as far as pole dancing is concerned.

How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Class


Pole dancing need not be of the erotic kind. While most people do indeed know this, many feel perplexed about what they should wear, which is the most common question, trainers face from newly enrolled pupils. Unfortunately, there are many pole dancing variations taught by the several studios that train you in this particular skill. So, while the exact specifics might vary, it would generally suffice to have a simple pair of tank tops and knee-length shorts as your pole dancing attire. Standard exercise attire should work fine for most purposes and studios. However, it is a good idea to get in touch with the studio that will give you the training and ask what kind of attire would suit the variation they teach. Beginners rarely need to expose much of their body, as the initial few weeks cover only the basic pole dancing moves. And they don’t require significant skin exposure. As for the footwear, but for heels pole dancing classes, it doesn’t matter as you would be practicing the moves barefoot. The last tip to mention in the context of attire is to wear knee pads to prevent knee injury if the classes include floorwork.


The bare essentials you need for pole dancing apart from the right attire are refreshing fluid, preferable water, or juice. That and a real badass set of mind which you wear on your attitude are what it takes. Other things aren’t an absolute must, but it would be good to have them with you. Such items include:

  • Extra clothes, especially if your location has been experiencing unpredictable weather. 
  • Hairbrush 
  • Deodorant
  • A piece of cloth separates from the fabric you will find in the pole. 

Later on, in your pole dancing training journey, you will need a few dry hand bottles, which aids you in gripping the pole. As we mentioned, it isn’t something you would need as a beginner. People who tend to tire quickly will find tucking away small snacks in your bag. It will be beneficial till you can eat something more fulfilling.

How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Class


It would be beneficial to get a decent snack an hour before the scheduled beginning of your pole dancing class. All the extra energy will surely help you. Many practitioners of this activity find energy bars to help them feel filled up until the training session ends. The energy bar proteins help you build your muscles. The energy bar varieties designed to release their carb content gradually ensure that your energy levels remain adequate. The sugar component makes the whole proposition incredibly tasty too. Suppose taste is not a criterion. In that case, you must ensure the slow-carb release of your energy bar.


DON’T use moisturizers on class days. The word “don’t” is in capital letters with good reason. It is true even in the winter months, when everything is dry. If you do so, your hands are certainly going to be a slippery mess from sweat. And before you ask, scrubbing your hands during or before your class will not be of much help. The resultant lack of ability to grip things will affect your training and make you and other potential people sharing the pole more susceptible to incurring injuries resulting from falling. Another thing to avoid before you head off to your class is jewelry of all sorts. They might get tangled up and injure you or damage the coating of the pole, and poles are expensive, so keep that in mind.

How to Prepare for Your First Pole Dancing Class

Pole dancing is becoming increasingly popular as a fitness activity and as a form of dance. It has led to many pole dancing studios opening shops all over Australia. It is undoubtedly health-wise an excellent decision to start taking pole dancing classes. And now that you have the essential information you need to carry out the activity correctly, here’s hoping you are pegged for an excellent pole dancing first session.

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