How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life ~ #BeBadass

How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life

Tell me a single person on this entire planet who doesn’t wish to create the best life and live fullest. We all long for living fullest and fulfilling the purpose of our life. However, not everyone succeeds in the road to living the best life, and it isn’t always easy and conquerable.

Creating the best life is not always easy, but trust me, it’s worth all your efforts. Your best life will bring happiness and success, which will lead to the utmost satisfaction and fulfillment.

Living the life that brings you ultimate happiness isn’t always the outward experience. When you reflect deep within, you rediscover your true self, which gives meaning to life.

The badass best life is lived from within, knowing your truest, highest self. When you know yourself, you realize what brings you joy, what sets your soul on fire, what makes you alive, and that’s where the secret of living the best life lies.

Here are the top 9 tips that helped me live my badass and best life:

How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life


Life without a purpose is a life with a void. I started living my best life only when I discovered my passion and my soul’s calling. It was all after hearing that tiny voice of my heart that pushed me to create the life of my dreams.

Our passion and purpose may be different, but they ignite our soul and help to spread the light. Find out what you’re living for, what you’re striving to get from this life.

Are you merely here to follow the mundane routine every single day? Ask yourself some uncomfortable questions, and you will be giving the answers. List out everything you’re passionate about and work on it more every single day.


Honor yourself to deserve the best in everything. You no longer have to cling on some relationships or people who fail to serve you.

It is all okay to let go of some things and people when they no longer contribute to your growth. You deserve so much more, and you need to be clear and loud with this.

Stop down-pouring yourself by sticking to someone just because you have to. Living your best life cannot incorporate such toxic relations, and it’s okay to leave them behind.


The words that you say about yourself matters a lot in creating your best life. When you continuously degrade and devalue yourself, you cannot expect to attract positive vibes.

This will lower your morale, and nothing great can be ever achieved when we fail to honor our own self.

Tell yourself about everything you’re best at, write a note on everything you love about yourself. Having positive self-talk will make you more confident, which indeed is the key factor of living a badass best life.

How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life


Success is all about having a healthy mindset. When you have convinced yourself of achieving the great heights, no one can ever make you believe otherwise. This power of thoughts comes from having a growth mindset. Be open to the changes and allow yourself to blend in.

Your life will be as good as your mindset. Everything on this planet is the byproduct of our thoughts; hence it becomes imperative to be mindful of what we are and how we perceive things.

Changing your mindset will help you overcome the crisis, and there will be nothing that could instill negativity. When we plan to live our best life, we need to have a mindset detox and free ourselves from all the old beliefs.


Believing in yourself will push you to get through even the hardest of days. We all have lows and highs, but self-belief is what helps us to pass through the storms.

When you aim to live your life fully, you need an immense belief in yourself, your thoughts, and your gut. Not everyone will believe you or your next idea, but when you have yourself, you hardly need someone to convince you.

Trust the process and know that you’re always doing the best you can.


When you trust and surrender to the Universe, you spare yourself of unnecessary worry. The badass best life demands so much from us every day, and while thinking about doing everything at once, it leaves us in an overwhelming state.

But when you trust and leave things in the Universe, it guides you in its way. Everything that might be impossible will start uncovering its possibilities. The hope will be reborn, and the ways will be shown.

This happens only when you surrender and no longer control the things that you cannot. This indeed is the magic of living the best life.

How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life


How many times did you say yes when you actually wanted to say a big ‘NO’?

This used to be me, and I seriously found it difficult to deny things to do just because I had my own list of priorities. I used to feel so guilty to say no for myself.

But when I introspected, I realized that by saying yes, I was actually saying no to the things that are important to me.

Leave this idea of being a people pleaser and run with the banner of saying yes for every task you are offered.


When we have a long To-Do list, we are often stressed and utterly unaware of what to do next. This invites anxiety, and we are trapped in the worry bubble.

Start batching your work and make a list of everything important. Handle that first and stop whining for the things that you may not be able to do due to lack of time or any other reasons. Living your best life demands proper time-management to get things done that matters the most.


You can never live your life the fullest if you fail to practice self-love. Many of us have this myth of considering self-love as an act of selfishness. Self-love is a silent revolution; it means you honor and love yourself so much more than settling for anything less.

Self-love will make you believe in yourself, honor your growth, outgrow mediocrity, and realize your true self. It was only after practicing self-love that I truly understood the true meaning of my life and its purpose.

We are all here on this planet for a limited time, and this life shouldn’t be something we compromise on, just to survive.

How to be A Badass and Live Your Best Life

Living and creating your best life is a long time work that demands dedication and patience. But I am sure that once you create the life you love, it will fill your heart with joy and peace. Isn’t such a life worth living?

I would love to know how you’re planning to live your best life this year.

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