Ways to Make a Snow Day Fun

With the cooler temps here, it’s time to start thinking about ways to make a snow day fun because that snow will be here before we know it.

For us parents, snow days can be a hassle. We suddenly have to plan to rework our schedule because of the weather and because the kids won’t be attending school. However, snow days can also be great because it gives you extra time with your children and an opportunity to do something fun and memorable with them.

Before that first snow day arrives, prepare everyone with some ways to make a snow day fun. Whether it be crafts, indoor activities, or outdoor activities, these fun things to do on a snow day will be a hit.

Ways to Make a Snow Day Fun

Make An Indoor Fort

Do you remember making forts out of blankets, boxes, or anything you could get your hands on? Making and playing in a fort is always fun for kids and it’s something they can enjoy for hours. Once the fort has been built, the kids can play with their toys, read a book, have a living room camp out, and more. 

Create a Winter Scavenger Hunt

A winter scavenger hunt can be done both indoors or outdoors and it’s easy to come up with different things the kids can hunt for during the winter. Your ideas on the items for them to find can come from anything in the house or outside in the snow.

Play a Game of Balloon Toss

If you have some balloons stashed away in the drawer, get those puppies out and blow them up for a fun game of balloon toss. The goal is to hit the balloons back and forth without them touching the ground. You can also turn this activity into balloon tennis and the kids will love chasing down the balloons before they hit the floor.

Make Snow Bubbles

If you have some extra bubbles leftover from the summer months and the weather outside is freezing cold, turn it into something fun by making snow bubbles. 

Create a Puppet Show

Grab the stuffed animals or make your own puppets with paper bags and put on a puppet show. The kids can mimic the shows after their favorite books or create their own stories to match their puppets.

Paint Snow

With so much snow outside, why not put it to good use and paint it! This is a fun way for the kids to get their hands into some creativity and they will be amazed at how it turns out. Luckily, all you need is some food coloring and water mixed and put in spray bottles. Once you have that, let the kids go wild and head outside for them to paint designs in the snow.

Play Board Games

If you and the kids are fans of board games, get them out and enjoy a fun day of playing board games. Everyone can participate in this activity and the kids will have a blast as they play the games.

Make a Bird Feeder

Because of the snow and the cold weather, birds have a harder time finding food during the winter months. Take the time you have at home and help the birds by making some bird feeders to put out in the yard. There are tons of different ideas and ways to make your own feeders and you’ll be helping the birds out.

Make Snow Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried snow ice cream, you are missing out. Who knew you could make something sweet and delicious with snow? We mentioned painting snow above and you can use that method to create your own snow ice cream in different colors. 

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs

Cold winter days are the perfect time to enjoy hot chocolate and creating your own hot chocolate bombs is an exciting way to enjoy that chocolate goodness. 

Have a Spa Day

If you want to do something extra special for your little girl, grab your mani and pedi supplies to create a spa day at home.

Have a Fashion Show

Kids love playing dress-up so during your day at home, let them get all dazzled up and have a fashion show to show off their style. 

Decorate the House with Paper Snowflakes

A fun craft activity the kids will enjoy doing, making your own paper snowflakes allows them to get creative. All you need are scissors and paper for this easy winter craft and activity.

These are just a few ways that you can make the snow day fun for kids. Just get creative and let the day be fun as the kids enjoy their time off from school. Indoor activities can be fun if you want to enjoy the warmth but it’s also fun to brave the cold and head outside for some magical snow experiences. 

As an added bonus, many of the at-home activities are also educational so even though they won’t be attending school, they will still be learning and keeping their minds sharp.

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