Ways to Incorporate Learning Into Your Toddler’s Day‏

Ways to Incorporate Learning Into Your Toddler's Day‏

For toddlers between the ages of one and three, learning looks a whole lot like playing. After all, play is how they discover all about the world and how it works. If you have a toddler this age, don’t worry about breaking out the workbooks or flashcards just yet (though you certainly can if you want to). Instead, use these five easy ways to incorporate learning into your toddler’s day for learning that is seriously fun and educational.

1. Read Books:- The simplest and most effective method of teaching your toddler is one that you are likely doing already: reading books together. Long before children learn how to read, they have to learn basic print concepts, such as what words are and what they are used for and the fact that you read from left to right (or right to left in some countries). As you read to your children and point to the words, they naturally pick up on this concept. Reading is fantastic for introducing your children to all sorts of new concepts and ideas too, especially if you read a wide variety of informative books.

2. Play with Alphabet Blocks:- It’s amazing how many educational games you can play with a toy as simple as blocks. Sort them into groups by color or size. Place them into groups of a certain number. Identify the words or letters written on the sides of the blocks. Practice simple addition with small groups of blocks. Arrange them into shapes or patterns. The possibilities are endless!

3. Go on Nature Walks:-

In today’s computer-focused world, it is all too easy to forget how much learning happens outside. Go on a nature walk around your neighborhood and see how many bugs and animals you can find. Collect leaves in the fall and use them to make a cute craft. Play I-spy and look for items of a certain color, shape or size or items that are used in a particular way.

4. Color Round-Up:-

Teach your toddler her colors by having her find as many items as she can that are all the same color. For example, have her go through your home and find all the blue objects she can find. Chances are, she’ll want to play this fun game wherever you are. You can even play this same game with letters or shapes as well.

5. Show Me a Happy Face:-

While toddlers have an innate ability to go from one emotion to the next quickly and seamlessly, they often don’t understand their emotions or what causes them. Help your child learn about his emotions by playing the “Show me a happy face” game. Pretend you’re in a certain situation, and then help your child make the appropriate face. For example, pet a stuffed puppy and then say “Show me a happy face!” Pretend to fall down and then say “Show me a sad face!” Your child will think this is hilarious, and he’ll have fun learning about his emotions too!

Save the homework drama for the school-aged years.

These five ways to incorporate learning into your toddler’s day are educational and fun!

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