Ultimate Hearing Protection by Banz – Review & Giveaway

I received products from BanZ for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the products were free, opinions are 100% my very own. 

When it comes to protection for your little ones, Banz has you covered. I’ve been a fan of Banz since about 6 months of age, when mommy introduced me to their sunglasses. I currently have about six pairs, and one thing I have to say about Banz is that they care about their customers. They have some of the best customer service and warranties that mommy and I have used to date. Once, when my sunglasses broke, I just emailed them a picture with my receipt and a new one was on its way to me the very next day. When I found out that Banz was now introducing hearing protection, I just had to get in on it. My eyes and body are usually protected by either sunglasses, sunscreen, or protective clothing, but my parents don’t really pay too much attention to our hearing. When Banz offered to send hearing protection for not just me but my brothers as well, there was no way I was going to say no. They are also offering one of my readers a pair to try for themselves as well. I told you that they were awesome!

My brothers and I each received a pair of earmuffs in the colors shown above. I chose the black one because black just goes with everything, don’t you think? These earmuffs are the ultimate in protection and are perfect for our little ears. I received the kid version, which is great for ages 2-10, but there is also one for babies from newborn to age 2.

Earmuffs are not only great for sporting events, such as drag races, concerts, car racing, air shows, boating, renovations, etc., but they are also great for everyday occurrences around the home, such as vacuuming and even mowing the lawn.

Banz Earmuffs effectively keep out loud noises without shutting out ambient sounds. They have a low profile and have no protruding parts whatsoever, making them very easy to wear and also very comfortable. They weigh 190 grams, which is equivalent to 0.41lbs, so not even 1/2 lb, making them extremely lightweight. The headband is covered by soft leather, making sure that it rests comfortably on my head. The wide foam-filled cushions ensure that it fits well on my ear and there is plenty of space inside the shells for ears of all sizes. Don’t believe me, Daddy was even able to wear a pair with no problem. This makes them great for adults too!

Now you will know that they fit correctly if your child’s ear is enclosed inside the space of the ear cup and that the cushions are fully sealed against his/her just like Mikael’s is in the photo below. Your little one will still be able to hear but the dangerous noise levels will be significantly reduced. Remember the less noise your little one is exposed to, the better it will be for him/her.

Banz Earmuffs meets national and international safety standards so rest assured that your little one is wearing the best. I can tell you that I am loving my earmuffs and find them to be not only great protection but fashionable as well. You can find me wearing them even when there’s nothing happening. Banz gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

As I mentioned before, Banz not only has hearing protection but also eye and clothing protection as well. They are your one-stop shop for all seasons. Check them out and tell them Madison sent you! Here is the way to connect with Banz!

I received products from BanZ for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the products were free, opinions are 100% my very own. 
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