Think Zulily For Your Holiday Needs #Review

Mommy and I love variety but we also love fashion. How do you get variety and fashion together? You shop at Zulily! When mommy first heard of Zulily she wasn’t sure what to expect. Was it one of those sites that does flash sales where the products aren’t worth it? Boy was mommy surprised when she signed up. Some of the top designers were there and mommy had a field day shopping! Yes mommy loves to shop. She calls it retail therapy. If you’re having a hard time finding something for the holidays, thinking that the stores don’t have what you want or need, then Zulily is the place for you.

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Zulily has something for everyone and if you don’t see something that you love, just wait, in 72 hours there will be a new sale and I can guarantee that something you love will be there. From clothing, toys, home goods there is always something that entices you to shop, just like mommy.

Zulily sent me a really nice coat, hats and shoes for me to wear this holiday season and I just have to show them to you. I have never had almost knee high boots before and I was dying to try them on. The coat was also very fluffy and warm. Just what I needed for the cold weather we were having. I’m not a big fan of hats but I loved these with their intricate flower detail. Now to try them on and work the runway!

Now it’s not difficult to mix and match clothing and since I have so much mommy was able to find something in my closet to pair my new coat and shoes with. With the weather that we’ve been having we had quite a bit of snow on the ground. That didn’t deter mommy and me. We wanted outdoor shots. It’s what my fans love to see. I got my baby supermodel walk on and I was doing my thing! I loved my new coat and my new shoes were perfect for the weather.

Do you see how cute I look? Yes I’m vain, I consider myself to be a cutie. Well mommy wanted to show you my other shoe. They are perfect for those holiday dresses and I just happened to have one! Don’t they just make the perfect holiday shoes? Mommy and I surely do think so.

So if you’re looking for a last minute gift for a little one or even a big one in your life, check out Zulily! It’s also very easy to sign up, all you need is an email address, but hurry because their deals don’t last very long. They’re only there for 72 hours so you have to be quick.

I know you would love it as much as mommy and I do. Zulily gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

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