You Don’t Need To Live In The Hamptons To Enjoy An Upmarket Home


We all know an upmarket home when we see it. The beautiful interiors, stunning decor, and professional landscaping are a feast for the eyes. But it turns out that owning an upmarket property is about more than living in a particular zip code. You don’t need a mansion in the Hamptons to say that you live in a luxury property. It’s about way more than location.

Here are some features that upmarket properties have in common.

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Open floor plans aren’t just taking the commercial office market by storm – they’re also popular in the home.

Historically, builders constructed homes to have separate rooms according to a very rigid plan. Over the years, however, homeowners have come to realize that they enjoy living in their properties more when all the facilities that they need are in one giant room, especially downstairs. Upmarket properties, therefore, tend to focus heavily on providing open-plan living spaces for occupants.


How a house looks from the outside is important when it comes to curb appeal. But what the rest of the world looks like when staring through the window is even more critical. After all, people will pay a fortune for great views.

Upmarket properties, therefore, typically, use permitted development in conservation area land to create beautiful vistas over the surrounding countryside. Paned windows that run from floor to ceiling provide the ideal viewing gallery, both for living spaces and offices.

Luxury View in Upmarket Home


If you browse homes over a couple of million dollars on Zillow or RightMove, you’ll often find that they come with games and theatre rooms. These aren’t just marketing gimmicks, either. These rooms look like their 1950s commercial equivalents, complete with massive screens, vast rows of sofas with drinks holders, and wood paneling on the walls.


When you own a luxury property, a regular bathroom isn’t enough. You want to take your experience to the next level.

For that reason, upmarket homeowners will often invest in “spa” bathrooms that add extra features. The basic idea is to recreate the professional spa experience in the luxurious surroundings of one’s home.

Typically, you find large walk-in showers with wall jets, bespoke towel warmers, and large onyx tubs with plenty of space to recline and relax. What’s more, many of these features have come down in price tremendously, meaning that they are within reach of most budgets.

Spa Bathroom in Upmarket Home


Gym rooms were once the preserve of the super-wealthy. But with falling prices, they’re becoming more accessible to the average person.

Upmarket home gyms, however, are more than just a place to keep your weights and a punching bag. Many homeowners now want saunas, plunge pools, and wireless surround sound speakers pumping their favorite tunes as they work out.


You don’t need to live in a grand mansion to build a bedroom fit for a queen. All you need is a four-poster bed, and the whole atmosphere of the room immediately changes. Dress it with plenty of luxurious linens, and you have yourself something truly regal in the making.

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