5 Treat Ideas for Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Moms mean everything to their kids, no matter how old they get. That is why it’s everyone’s dream to shower their moms with gifts and treats every time they get the chance, notably on their birthday or Mother’s Day. But then, most moms don’t seem to want anything. “Save your money” or “you don’t have to get me anything!”… This is what most moms say in the most loving yet annoying way. Because moms make it extremely hard for their kids to get them the perfect gift, most people end up picking up generic gifts such as bottles of wine or coffee mugs for their moms.

We understand the pain of finding the perfect treat for hard-to-please moms. This article seeks to help you think outside the box and find just the perfect treat that your mom would love, even when she doesn’t know exactly what she wants. Please read on to discover 5 unique and cool treat ideas that will surprise your mom and let her know how tuned you are into her wants and needs.

1.  Give her some time off

This is a perfect treat for a mom who says, “Don’t spend any money.”.

We all know how hectic and tedious the “mom routine” can be. The daily to-do list of every mom, no matter how old her kids are, is always chaotic. It will, therefore, be a welcome treat for your mom if you could give her some time off by handling her to-do list for at least a day. Request that she relax in bed or watch TV while you clean her house, pick up dry cleaning, do the dishes, cook for her, do the grocery shopping, do her laundry, feed her pets, and do whatever else she does on a typical day. You can then spice things up by:

  • Serving her breakfast in bed. If you can’t cook, order her favorite breakfast from her favorite restaurant. Be sure to cook/order enough breakfast for everyone at home because, as we all know, she won’t enjoy her breakfast in bed until everyone in the family has eaten.
  • Go beyond cleaning her house to sparkling up the home for her. Go around the house and fix everything that needs fixing. Clean out her closet. Scrub her bathroom floor and walls. Clean the stove. Wipe down surfaces she can’t reach. The bottom line, handle the cleaning tasks that she hates to do or is unable to do.
  • Help her with home decor makeover. Moms are girls too- they want the finer things in life. Often, they want to revamp their interior décor and match it up with the ones they see in modern, contemporary homes. However, with their crazy schedule, they never really get the time to tweak the décor. Why not make your mom’s dream come true by getting the décor sorted? Ask her what she wants done, and then do it.

2.  Show love to her garden

Moms love their gardens more than anything else. If you want to show her love, one of the surest ways to do it is to show love to her garden.

How do you show love to your mom’s garden?

One, add to her garden. You can do that by giving her a new flower or plant for her indoor garden. If she has an outdoor garden, a new tree, rose bush, or shrub will be a perfect gift for her.

Two, if your mom lacks the time or skills to create a garden on her own, why not do it for her? Your mom will be proud of you every time she gets herbs from the herb garden you create for her. To make her work easier, share with her key instructions on how to care for her herb garden and label each herb and its use.

And three, help your mom with preventative pest control. You may have to watch long YouTube videos and read lots of blogs on preventative pest control before getting the hang of it, but seeing your mom happy will surely make everything worth it.

3.  Spend valuable time with her

One disadvantage of kids growing up is that we rarely get the time to visit our parents. Even when we live with them in the same home, we rarely break from work to spend quality time with them. This is why setting aside a day to spend valuable time with your mom is up there among the best treats you can ever give her. There are many ways to spend quality time with your mom:

  • Take her to brunch – nothing beats a rich conversation with your mom over a scrumptious brunch at the most delicious restaurant in town.
  • Get in the kitchen with her – you bet she misses the little baby that you were, now that you are all grown up. Allow yourself to be her baby again by spending time in her kitchen just like you used to when you were growing up. Allow her to feel needed by her child- moms love that!
  • Spend an afternoon with her at the spa. As we said, moms are girls too!
  • Go out shopping with her. You know she said “don’t spend any money,”  but she won’t mind helping you shop for yourself. Before she realizes it, you’ll have tricked her into accepting a gift from you, e.g., those shoes or that dress she’s been lusting after for a long time.
  • Spend time in nature – hiking, biking, jogging, or whatever group activity suits her.
  • Give her some downtime in the house after a long day outdoors. Just sit with her in the family room, relax, enjoy a drink together, and chat. If you can light a bonfire, the better for everyone! That is where the best memories are made.

4.  Take her on a mother-daughter trip

No mom would say no to a fun mother-daughter trip, be it locally or overseas. When searching for the perfect mother-daughter destination, look for destinations with amazing food, rich culture, incredible history, mind-blowing art, great beaches, and awesome weather. That’s on top of considering affordability in terms of flight deals, cheap but classy accommodation, and affordable attractions/things to do. If you don’t have a destination in mind, we recommend that you try Florida. The state has beautiful cities to see, from St. Augustine, Seaside, Boca Raton, Key West, to Orlando… every city in Florida offers a lot for the perfect mother-daughter trip.

The historic city of St. Augustine has mind-blowing Spanish architecture, a super diverse food scene, and pristine beaches for you and your mom to explore. Seaside, on the other hand, is home to crystal clear waters and beautiful white sandy beaches. The dining and shopping opportunities in Boca Raton are endless, on top of miles of sandy beaches, wondrous art museums, jazz clubs, and golf courses. There are also amazing, upscale hair salons in Boca Raton that your mom will surely love to visit for a quick hairdo.

If you are looking for a fun and magical mother-daughter outing in Florida, you should try Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando. These theme parks have great attractions, dining options, and special events that your mom would love. And if you want a more laidback mother daughter-trip, you will enjoy the nightly sunset celebrations at the Key West. You two will also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, among other outdoor delights of Florida.

5.  Get her simple gifts with huge statements

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to make a huge statement. You just need to know what your mom needs, no matter how cheap, and give it to her as a gift. Some of the simple gifts that can make a huge statement about the love you have for your mom include:

  • A bedtime gift – A new pair of silk pajamas or a memory foam pillow will do.
  • A pendant necklace or a bracelet for a stylish mom.
  • Encourage her to stay fit with a new yoga set. Ensure that the set has everything a beginner would need.
  • Get her a pillow massager for a calf, neck, back, or abdomen tension/pain relief.

In Conclusion

There you have it! If you are still not sure of how to treat your mom, the best idea would be to treat her in the same manner you’d want to be treated. You will never get it wrong when you do that.

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